When is the Right Time To Start Preparing For NEET

Training centers are the preferred option for most students since they don't want to miss the chance to ace the NEET examination. Gone are the days when tuitions were popular to get extra help; nowadays, training is considered to be a very important part of the groundwork to succeed in the examination. Parents fear that their child may miss out on something significant should they fail to enroll.

A large number of students enroll in coaching from as early as class 9. The question arises whether training for NEET at this early age is actually required to ace the exam. To answer this question, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of receiving coaching in class 9 and class 11.

The Pros of Joining NEET Coaching From Class 9

• Pupils at the training centers learn logical and analytical abilities during their preparation, which help them in their school examinations too.

• Since the syllabus of class 9 and 10 are prepared to function as a foundation for course 11 and 12, it helps pupils undergoing coaching to score better marks at the higher secondary examinations.

• Pupils at coaching centers work harder towards a goal in a competitive environment, and this also helps them build a custom of discipline and punctuality.

• As students undergo training for 4 years as part of the program, the stress and anxiety related to learning are equally spread out. The availability of time to comprehend the concepts and clear doubts helps pupils to have a better comprehension of the topics.

• Students of coaching centers can prepare themselves for various competitive examinations as well.

The Cons of Joining NEET Coaching By Class 9

• Enrolling for coaching courses is well worth the effort, money, and time spent if one is guaranteed to elect for Medicine as their livelihood. Without a transparent idea about what this career path is all about, or when there's uncertainty about whether they're fit for this career, it's wise for the student to make sure about this until they combine training.

• Focusing only on a single career may limit the vision of the student, making them more receptive to additional career options. This may restrain them from looking at other career choices that may be a much better fit for them. Pupils at the age of 14 or 15 are often not that matured to make such a crucial decision about their livelihood.

• High school is an essential phase in the development of emotional, social, and personal areas of a child. Exposure to several actions helps a student become a nice person. However, such character development can suffer if the child spends a major part of their time attending training classes and preparing for competitive exams.

• The training curriculum being concentrated and rigorous, students are expected to devote a lot of the time in attending coaching classes and also to self-study in your home. This limits the student's involvement with the school, thus hampering the academic and social life of their school.

The Experts of Mixing NEET Coaching By Class 11

• When a student starts attending training classes from 11th regular, they are able to utilize the years to participate in a variety of activities that help in establishing their skills and personality.

• The student also comes to know about various careers available and their scopes prior to picking out the perfect one for them.

• In addition to knowing the various career choices and their own scopes, pupils also get an understanding of themselves, which makes it easier to select the ideal career choice. They are more confident in their choice of career and are motivated to work harder to succeed in their chosen career.

• With age and maturity, pupils find it easy to evaluate whether to elect for training or not and if they have the required time for it. The student is in a better position to manage the pressure and anxiety related to aggressive exams.

The Cons of Joining NEET Coaching From Class 11

• Students at this age have to manage numerous expectations, and registering for entrance exam coaching can only increase their existing pressure. After a stream is selected, they have to manage a much more advanced syllabus and coaching may turn out to be an extra burden.

• Starting coaching now can place the student at a disadvantage in comparison with students who have started prep much sooner. They will need to work much harder to attain the anticipated level, which necessitates changing their everyday routine.

• The student is left with just two years to finish the whole syllabus. Hence, preparing for training means giving less time to prepare for board exams, and this may affect their scores. There are chances of pupil suffering from increased stress and pressure.

When to Start Coaching for NEET - Class 9 or 11?

The answer lies in taking into account various factors like the student's capability to manage academic stress, routine and schedule, their comfort level with tutored learning, and their clarity about their attainable goal.

If you are not certain about whether to enroll your child in training in class 9, though you'd want them to be in the forefront, you can encourage them to start self-study in classes 9 and 10. Let them begin their studies with competitive exam books together with their academic novels. Let them start slow and increase their prep with time. The two decades of preparation can provide your child with the head start for dedicated preparation during coaching study in the future.

It must, however, be noted that coaching classes aren't an absolute requirement as many NEET aspirants have played remarkably well without it too. It is up to your child and you also pick the best course of preparation by Extramarks which is the NEET Long Term Course to pass the NEET assessments successfully.


It's fairly normal for parents to view their children become successful in their career and life; but in trying to make this happen, you must not set high expectations for the child that could put unnecessary pressure on them and can impact their emotional development.

Therefore, parents should not place their children's career options in stone in their first years without researching the variety of career possibilities available that have comparable (or better) expansion possible. Let your kids explore and comprehend the various career avenues and their own potential before setting the career that fits best with them. If you are doubtful about the choice of livelihood for your child, feel free to speak to an expert, and talk in detail.

To be successful in NEET exams, a student should have strong fundamental and clear concepts of the subjects. EMC2EDU NEET JEE CLASSES work tirelessly to provide the very best in their NEET courses in Pune that help the student pass the exam with aplomb.

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