How SMRTConnect Has Helped to Improve Commuter Journeys

There are many modes of public transportation in Singapore, including mass rapid transit (MRT), buses, and taxis. According to Statista, in 2018, 7.5 million passengers used public transport in a day in Singapore. With an extensive rail network and advanced technologies, MRT remains the cheapest, reliable, and convenient public transport system for Singaporeans. The MRT system is operated by public transport service providers – SMRT Corporation and SBS Transit.

From safety, efficiency, comfort to the time required to travel from point A to point B, everything about Singapore’s MRT is impressive. Probably, this is the reason why this modern public transport is popular among people in the nation. MRT operator, SMRT offers a number of customer services to enhance commuter journeys. One such example is the SMRTConnect app, which has been launched in 2012. It is a travel app that helps commuters to travel smartly and efficiently.

SMRTConnect Mobile App by SMRT Corp.

SMRTConnect is a mobile app that helps Singaporeans plan their journeys ahead of time. It provides real-time travel information such as train arrival timings, train capacity data, train frequency indicator, bus information, taxi booking options, and more. SMRT leverages video and data analytics to provide real-time updates and faster information to the users of SMRTConnect.

SMRTConnect Award and Features

The innovative features of SMRTConnect app 2.0 have helped it to receive the Asia-Pacific Communications Awards 2017 from the Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors. The operator launched SMRTConnect 3.0 in 2018 with a better user interface and new features. Here are the features of SMRTConnect that have helped to improve commuter journeys:

• Better travel planning with the help of train frequency indicator for North-South, East-West Lines, and Circle Line MRT lines.
• Travel timings for trains and bus operators
• The ‘estimated total travel time’ feature and detailed route directions let you calculate the total time required to reach your office or other destination
• Detailed information about MRT stations including 3D views of station exits
• An interactive map of the entire rail system in Singapore
• Platform-specific and carriage-specific assessment of crowds

Commenting on SMRT’s efforts to improve customer journeys, SMRT Chairman, Mr. Seah Moon Ming said: “Your journey matters. Commuters are now given near real-time travel information. We are leveraging on technology to empower commuters to make timely travel decisions, particularly during train delays.”

Seah Moon Ming further stated, “SMRT Trains is committed to improving reliability and enhancing commuter experience. We are building indigenous rail engineering capabilities particularly in predictive maintenance and electronic card repairs and upgrades to benefit the rail network.”

SMRT is dedicated to providing a positive commuter experience and comfortable transport services. Apart from the SMRTConnect app, it also offers four-sided information panels called iStands which provide vital travel information to the commuters. SMRT stations have new charging kiosks with digital screens and QR-embedded posters to find alternate travel services in case of service disruptions. For commuter convenience and accessibility, all MRT stations have electronic travel slips and ‘heartwheels.’

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit network is the backbone of its transportation system. Commuter satisfaction remains high for the MRT network because transport operators - SMRT and SBS Transit, the Land Transport Authority, and the government work together to integrate advanced technologies, renew rail infrastructure, and enhance customer service touchpoints. SMRT’s multi-modal travel planning app is a good example that shows the operator provides great importance to the commuter experience. The SMRTConnect app has received positive feedback from commuters and SMRT is planning to add new features to this app to improve the travel experience in the years to come.

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