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Would you like to be Jacqueline’s Bride? Gone are the days when you looked up catalogs of wedding dresses, admiring models in white gowns and taking a guess as to which one would suit you best. Today, well, you just walk into our store to check our designer bridal gowns and bridal accessories made especially for you.

Take your time to tour the place, and get a feel of each dress, till you finally come out of the trial room with the designer bridal gown and bridal accessories that you know was made for you. You’re a bride, and you deserve all the time in the world to make the choice of you life, and we have all the patience for you. Here you are Jacqueline’s Bride! Our designer bridal gowns and bridal accessories are meant to be admired by you.

A Variety to Please Every Jacqueline’s Bride!

From the simple sheath dress to the bouncy white ball gown wedding dress, we have almost everything here, because we know, brides come in different shapes and sizes. There are those who want to play it down and there are those who look forward to making their grand bridal entrance to the tune of Mendelson’s looking nothing less than the princess.

So, no matter how you want to look as you walk the aisle beside you dad, Jacqueline’s Bridal is sure to give you the look you decided on in math hour at the age of 16! We have belts, tiaras, bridal veils and all that a bride is particular about for the exact look you want.

Because, here at Jacqueline’s Bridal, we believe in making the dreams of every young woman come true.

Winter Wedding Dresses From Jacqueline’s Bridal

One of the smartest moves that a bride can take when it comes to choosing a wedding dress is being dressed for the season. Off shoulders and small puffy sleeves are nice but now when you are entering a hall or an open air ground somewhere in the middle of December, when the crowd is going to be dressed in blazers and thick dresses accompanied by fancy mufflers.

So, don’t worry. Like they say, December is a lovely time to get married with mistletoes lining every hall and tree and carols being a part of the music. And with the collection of winter wedding dresses that Jacqueline’s Bridal has for you, you won’t believe how sleeves and layers suddenly became so much fun.

Final Words

When you are a, Jacqueline's Bride, you are special to us, and we invest special emotion in you, in the thoughts you are going to have, years down when you find the dress we made for you in your home attic, or time and again when you look at that portrait on your living room wall, and on the dance floor, when you waltz at the centre to the admiring gazes of family and friends.

Your wedding dress can mean a lot, we know...

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