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Cloud Computing & Data Privacy:
Cloud Computing as we all know has its many advantages. Starting from Data Management, Data Storage, Resource optimization to entire business automation, Cloud Computing has stood the test of time to be still so popular among businesses. The icing on the cake is that it reduces the high amount of investment and obviously saves on a lot of time.
While the lesser known fact is the issue of Data Privacy/Security associated with Cloud Storage. Since the Cloud is often shared between a lot of users with no particular idea on where the information is stored, the issue of Privacy/security does linger in the minds of the business owner/user.
Challenges with Cloud Security
Data Loss & Misuse
Different organisations use Cloud to store their Data and this increases the risk of data misuse and data replication. Add to this the fact that Virtual data can be easily lost or exposed as it moves between Visitor Management System or in the cloud. So without proper Access Control & Authentication on your cloud data there is no getting away from the risk.
Sensitive Data & the Single threat
Cloud Computing needs cooperation between security, storage, application & security admins. So if you are putting sensitive data out there and just one admin went wrong somewhere, the whole data would be in danger.
Insecure APIs
Application Programming Interfaces or APIs is the good part of Cloud Computing as they allow users to customize their cloud computing practices and developers to integrate their application with other softwares. But this very ‘open’ nature and the communication that takes place between the application is also its vulnerability as it poses serious security concerns.
How one can protect the data on cloud?
It’s a given that you have to protect your data from unauthorised access on cloud but Yes it does require extra effort and a really keen observation from your side. Here are some few practical steps that would make it easy and keep your data Safe & Secure
Never Store Sensitive Data
Data Privacy is the go-to word nowadays ever since the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal blown out. Even before that it was known that if something is on internet, it isn’t mostly safe. Just avoid putting information like Financial Records, Client Details other sensitive info on the cloud. And if you are uploading it on the cloud, no need to worry just encrypt it beforehand.

Data Encryption
The best possible security that can be provided to Data Storage on cloud is Data Encryption (Access possible only after decryption). To make it more secure you can also ensure Cloud encryption during the uploading & downloading phase. Beware this will make Data Sharing & Sync a little slow on the cloud platform. There are actually cloud services that provide encryption-decryption services along with data storage & Backup. You can get free trials and upgrade to them accordingly.
Use Strong password
Sounds simple but it’s something that we usually forget. You can take help of the internet on how to create strong password. Don’t forget to change it frequently and never use the same password for all your accounts and folders. You can also opt for 2 step verification login similar to Google Drive. We all know this but the truth is we never apply them ever. Try it this time for a change.
Anti-Virus is Must
Sometimes a single mistake can ruin everything and usually it lies in your own system. A robust anti -virus system is mandatory otherwise you are exposing your data to a lot of bugs, viruses and obviously making it easy for the Hackers.
Access Limitation
Prevention is better than Cure. Give access to those who really need it. Internal Users & Third Party Vendors should get access to those files which will help them do their job. It’s on you to evaluate the users & vendors regularly and add/remove them according to the requirement.
Continuous System Updating
Cloud Security becomes effective with regular patching and upgrading of systems and application software in the platform. You have to be updated about the latest software versions, be aware about the gaps in the security that can appear in installed systems & applications and upgrade accordingly to maintain high end security level.
Technology as always will reach its peak in these years and so will the role of Cloud Computing. The Next Generation of IT Application would see more of Cloud Computing than ever before & why not. It has always been a cost effective and very efficient option from the start. With the improvement in cloud computing there would be also lot of attention on Data Privacy & Security. While steps discussed above will surely be of help, a robust system for Data Security & Privacy is the need of the hour. Till then Trust Appstan Cloud Solutions.
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