Virtual Career Is The Future!

As per a survey of, 74% of companies plan to permanently shift to more remote work post-COVID-19.

What does this mean? A possibility that a lot of work that we know now will disappear and a lot of new ones will appear.

In this digital age, with the survey result. It will be hard for most of our young generations if they'll be reliant on traditional education alone. If some students will graduate from a good school but with a profession that has a low demand. The competition will be high, and it will produce professionals without jobs. And with this, they will find something that, out of their career path from what they finished in school.

Why not we provide or realize online career course for the future? Our young generations are already exposed to the digital world. Why not teach them that you can do something in social media that can be a profession and put food on the table? Not swiping up and down, left and right, and not be productive throughout the day.

Technology is here long before the pandemic, but the pandemic made a big impact that we need to adapt to it as soon as possible. Big malls are going now online, and some big brands are closing.

If these big malls and big brands are changing, small to medium businesses should also do something.

Just like what I've heard before from business seminars, a lot of jobs will disappear in the future, and a lot of new jobs that we don't know yet will take over. If this is the start, what are we doing? If this is the future, are we ready?

As we end this article, may I advise that we all have 1 goal added to our many existing goals. And that is to have 1 to 2 skills in doing online jobs. May it be doing marketing, data analyst, data entry, administration work, and website development. We all have to have at least 1 skill to future proof our career in the future.

And alongside these skills, we need the attitude of adapting to change. You may be a pilot right now or a captain of a ship, but what pandemic taught us? Our jobs can be unnecessary at given events in our life. Let's all learn from 2020, don't throw it, learn from it.

As big as I talk, I am also learning to adapt and let change work to my advantage.

Join me in my journey towards the future of marketing:

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