early acValyu cess you bought is finally released you don't have to buy it again. You've bought it as an incomplete version, which means it might have been cheaper than after release - but the game is still incomplete, and might be unpolished and full of glitches.

The purpose of early access (at least in theory) is to help provide valuable feedback and input. So if you're willing to dedicate your time for a game that is still (usually) at an early stage of development, but which can in exchange be acquired for a lower price, then it might be a fair exchange.
When you purchase an Early Access title, you do not have to buy it again. You are simply buying it early, when many bugs are still present, and you are in the early stages of the game where the developers are still trying to get everything straight for the full release. When the full release happens, your game just gets updated just like any regular game does, nothing special.
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VALYU programs allow workers to gain access to wages before their company’s regular payday… that money is the provider’s profit- and is much less significant than payday loan interest or the overdraft and late fees that workers might incur without this service.

Benefits: early wage access in VALYU can prove to be a useful tool for employee retention and productivity and can result in more job applicants

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