The Most Exotic Collection Of Ruby Earrings!

Ruby earrings are the most gorgeous jewellery pieces which are made by using the most expensive gemstone: ruby. Being the most expensive one, it is also found to be the most durable compared to other gemstones. It is the hardest gemstone after diamond as it rates 9 on the MOH’s scale. The jewel is an option for those who are looking for a cheaper ornament as compared to diamond. This content will help you know more about ruby earrings.
Tips To Buy Ruby Earring
Colour: It is the most important factor for knowing the quality of any ruby. The initial colour of the ruby should be red. It is possible that there may be different colours available like purple, peach or any other which depends upon the preference of the buyer. The more intense red colour it has, the more it is valued.
Saturation: This is another aspect to be considered before choosing any ruby earrings. By knowing its saturation one can predict the colour intensity of any gemstone.
Inclusions: Ruby is also found having inclusions but one should make sure that there are not too many of them, because a ruby should be seen clean.
Whom Can You Gift A Ruby Earring?
As it is a symbol of representing love, passion to your partner, you can gift it to your loved one for offering a marriage proposal or on birthday or anniversary to make the occasion even special. It is known that Ruby should be worn to increase passion, enthusiasm, productivity and strength. Therefore, ruby earrings could be gifted to those who might need extra motivation or encouragement to pursue their goals and dreams.
These ornaments can make a woman feel confident and uplifted while she is wearing one of those. Whether she is a teenager, adult, or elderly woman, these precious earrings are meant for women of all ages, no matter what stage of their life they are in.
According to the tradition these earrings are also meant for gifting on 14th and 40th anniversary, which makes the atmosphere full of love all over again.
Composition Of Ruby
Ruby is a form of gemstone which is a crystalline version of aluminium oxide. It is a birthstone of July. Sapphire can also be formed using the natural form of ruby. The presence of transition metals in the crystalline form is responsible for the colours in these gemstones. The intense red colour of Ruby is produced by the presence of chromium, so colour is the basic criteria for defining a ruby earrings .

Colour and Hardness
Rubies are generally graded according to its colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. Colour is incredibly important as ruby earrings are available in a wide range of colours with secondary hues like orange, purple, violet and pink. The most precious rubies are generally found to be in intense red colour.
Another property of a natural ruby is its hardness. It measures 9 in the MOH’s scale of mineral which is a way to measure the hardness of any harder material. This method is commonly used in identifying hardness of the gemstones and goes till ten being the maximum of diamond. One must be aware of the fact that diamond is one of the hardest naturally occurring materials in the world, and the second one probably is the ruby. Therefore, the strength and durability it would give to any ruby earring could be well imagined.

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