Should You Buy Ready To Cook Gulab Jamun And Jalebi Mixes?

Gulab jamun and jalebi are known to be two of the favourite traditional sweet dishes among Indians. Be it for occasions or simply as dessert or snacks, these sweets are cooked quite often in many households. However, in today’s fast paced lifestyle it might prove to be a hassle. This is why instant mix gulab jamun and jalebi mixes are quickly gaining popularity. Reputed brands like Nilon’s have come up with quality ready to cook mixes to cater to the food lovers.

Why should you choose an instant mix?

The main benefit of preparing the sweet dishes from instant mixes is that you can enjoy homemade food without having to spend effort for the entire process. In case of an instant mix, all the ingredients are added in the right proportions and packaged. You only need to cook the mix, which can be done quite quickly.

Food quality: One of the main reasons why people prefer homemade food is the quality. While making your favourite sweet dishes at home, you can pick quality ingredients and cook it as healthily as possible. However, finding good quality ingredients can prove to be difficult. The reputed food brands, such as Nilon’s have obtained necessary certifications by maintaining proper product quality. You may therefore stay worry-free of the quality and therefore your health while using instant mixes from such leading brands.

Cost-effective: Ready to cook items also prove to be quite cost effective. For example, if you wanted to cook gulab jamun entirely at home, you would need to buy the ingredients first. Now, you would require branded products for the sake of quality and these may cost you quite a bit. On the other hand, Nilons gulab jamun mix is priced quite affordably in spite of the high quality. This makes it a cost-effective solution for cooking gulab jamun at home.

Easy to use: The most important benefit of using instant mixes to cook your favourite dishes is that these are quite easy to cook. Even those who aren’t very experienced at cooking can cook sweet
delicacies perfectly with these mixes. Firstly, one doesn’t have to worry about mixing the right proportion of ingredients as they are already mixed and are ready. Secondly, the packs come with directions of use and recipes printed on them in a step-by-step manner which makes it possible to cook a dish even if the consumer has never prepared it in his/her life before.

Taste: In the past, ready to cook mixes often failed to produce the same results as compared to when food items were cooked entirely manually. However, with constant research and development, Nilons has managed to produce mixes which can be used to cook jalebis and gulab jamuns which taste exactly as they should. This is why these mixes are gaining popularity among those who lack cooking skills.

An instant jalebi mix is indeed a viable option for those who love sweets but aren’t expert at cooking. Moreover, these mixes can be cooked in a very short time, which makes them perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle. Apart from these two sweet dishes, a variety of other snacks are also now available in the ready to cook form, thanks to the constant research carried out by the leading food brands. Whether you have guests coming or simply want to prepare some snacks for your family, these mixes are always a good solution.

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