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Top 5 worst exercises when suffering from diastasis recti! Get more great tips -Subscribe:

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These are the worst exercises You can perform when suffering from this muscular separation, and My tips for You, regarding exercises that can be done instead, in order to help Your body to heal itself, so You can fix this condition without the help of surgery. You can thank me later ;) These exercises are good for women who had one or several pregnancies, but also for men that suffer from this condition, due to yo-yo dieting and fluctuation of weight, or heavy lifting exercises, or even age-related.

These are my top 5 worst exercises when suffering from diastases recti!

This YouTube channel was created for the sake of science, to bring more knowledge and awareness about our body!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a licensed personal trainer, a  fresh mother of three children, suffering from diastases recti right now, in love with learning new things every day, eager to know my own body and how to keep it healthy and young for longer.

I will upload health-related videos every week, on Thursday.

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