Safety Of Cosmetic Colourants In The Indian Cosmetic Market

Colourants are one of the effective growth enablers for the whole cosmetic industry. To survive in the competition, the manufacturers of colour cosmetics have to update and get colours that can set novel trends.

No matter whether it is ultramarine blue or green, a large spectrum of colour is required for sale and marketing. But one cannot avoid the cosmetic regulatory compliance in a rush for producing innovative colours. There are certain laws and standards that must be followed for making use of the pigment colours on any colour cosmetics. These strict regulations allow companies to only use colors that are safe to use.

Here are few aspects that must be taken into consideration at the time of formulation of cosmetic colourants

1. Colourant’s performance
2. Colourant’s stability
3 . Global compliance
Among these three aspects, global cosmetic regulatory compliance is important for product selling. The atmosphere where the colours are prepared is also important, both for the product and the people working there. The environment should be well maintained with proper hygiene as well as safety.

Next comes the safety and ethics of the cosmetic colourants used. The manufacturers of the cosmetic colours advising the cosmetic brand must keep the capacity to access the risk of utilizing specific colours in any of the given formulations.

This knowledge makes sure that all efforts put in making a colour pay off along with required go-ahead from the required authorities. The colourant manufacturer should follow ethical ways for producing colours and these ethics are not only limited to following the regulatory guidelines of the export-oriented colourants. Safety of the end-user is also important for the manufacturer of such cosmetic colourants.

By remaining in adherence to best manufacturing practices, ethical businesses make colourants that are perfectly safe for all end users. Different countries have their respective authorities for framing the guidelines. In India Drugs and Cosmetics Act is responsible for ensuring compliant cosmetic products for customers. These guidelines ensure the safety of consumers and they get the best quality products. Thus the safety of cosmetic colourants is an important aspect of cosmetic regulations.

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