Planning for a Digital Marketing course from a recognized and certified institute?

If you’re new to digital marketing and eager to learn about the digital marketing course, Read this Article to know who provides the best digital marketing course in Delhi.
Understand how digital marketing course in Delhi runs?
The digital marketing course in Delhi helps you to use different online marketing tactics not only for Delhi but all over the world. It is how today’s businesses are getting their message in front of their best prospects and customers. Digital marketing has replaced most traditional marketing tactics because it’s designed to reach today’s consumers. Digital marketing is all the rage. This is the reason why companies are seeking professionals or rather digital marketers who possess the requisite skills to take their marketing campaign to the next level. It’s a great career option evolving in this era.
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Now let’s take a closer look at what and how you’ll learn at SIT hub.
Some of the best institutes like sithub offer two courses in Digital Marketing.
Basic Digital Marketing Course
Advance Digital Marketing Course
Basic Digital Marketing Course
It is a beginner-friendly course of 3 months of duration. There is a total of 35 modules in this course which will help you learn a lot of basic knowledge about different topics required in digital marketing.
First Modules deals with an overview of the course.
What is Digital Marketing?
Understanding Digital Marketing Process
Visitors Engagement
Increasing Visibility
Converting Traffic into Leads
Performance Evaluation
Module 2 is all about website planning and creating your own website.
· Understanding the Internet & Website
· What is Web Server and Hosting?
· Planning of website
· Adding Webpages and content
The third module is where you’ll learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
· What are Search Engines and how is it works?
· Functions of search Engines
· What are Keywords?
· ON Page Optimization
· OFF Page Optimization
ü Fourth Module will let you learn about Search Engine Marketing. (SEM)
· Introduction to SEM — Fundamentals
· Adwords Search Campaign Set up and Analysis
· Adwords Ad Extensions & Bidding Management
· Creation of Display Campaign
· Keyword Quality Score
ü Finally the fifth module teaches you about Social Media Marketing
· Facebook Marketing with Content & Advertising
· Instagram & LinkedIn Marketing
· Twitter & Pinterest Marketing
· Crafting a Successful Social Media Strategy
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Advance Digital Marketing Course
It’s a beginner-to-professional course with 6 months of duration in which you’ll be given all the knowledge to become a professional digital marketer. This course will enable you to get a job in any Multinational corporation you wish to. There are 65 modules in this course. The first 35 modules are the same as the Basic Digital Marketing Course, the next 65 modules are as follows:
ü Sixth module is all about Email Marketing.
· Effective Email Content & Deliverability
· Customer Acquisition Strategies
· Effective Creative Introducing
· Nurturing & Automation
ü The seventh module deals with Inbound Marketing
· Attracting Potential Customers
· Converting Prospects into Leads
· Landing Page Conversion Optimization
· Lifecycle Emails
ü Module Eight will teach you about Web Analytics
· Introduction to Web Analytics
· Google Analytics
· Content Performance Analysis
· Visitors & Social Media Analytics
· Actionable Insights and the Big Picture
ü Ninth Module is all about Content Marketing.
· What is Content Marketing?
· How to write Content?
· Optimizing Contents
· Keyword Research for content writing
· Develop Authority Blog
· How to Write Magnetic/Attractive Headlines?
ü Module Ten is where you’ll be taught about Lead Generation.
· What is Lead Generation?
· Landing Page and Website
· How to create a Landing Page?
· Converting Leads Into Sales
ü Online Display Advertising is what you’ll learn in the Eleventh Module
· Understanding of Online Display Advertising
· Types of Online Advertising
· Payment Modules
· Creating Banners
ü The last Module is all about Google Adsense.
· What is AdSense?
· How to get AdSense approval?
· Adsense account Interface
· Placing ads on a blog
· Creating a Blog
· Make money with Adsense
Sithub is a provider of digital marketing courses in Delhi. and also help you to get a job in a multinational company.

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