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Staar Business Group is a grand concept in the field of marketing, aimed at the growth of all small and medium enterprises in the country and to attract them to a large number of regular customers and create millions of new entrepreneurs. Is doing. For this, Staar Business Group has introduced the concept of Project Staar-G to bring together businessmen, consumers, and new entrepreneurs i.e. well-educated unemployed youth in one place for the financial benefit of these three factors.
Project Staar-G is the first project in India to work through both online and offline channels to bring together all types of entrepreneurs, consumers, and new entrepreneurs, i.e. educated unemployed youth.
The project, which is a combination of e-commerce and marketing, is beneficial to all types of professionals in the Staar-G market as a business opportunity for educated unemployed youth.
Project Staar-G works online through the e-commerce portal and offline through Franchise Business.
The e-commerce portal of brings together all types of small/large traders/shopkeepers in the market online and brings its products and services to the maximum number of customers as well as their assured business growth through
Benefits of MERI DUKKAN
1. Only Rs. Complete shop and online in 2500.
2. Can include more than 100 products.
3. The right to own your own online shop.
4. Connect social media to reach maximum customers.
5. Guaranteed sales guarantee.
6. Home delivery charges are as under
1. Rs. 2.50/- per kg
1. Rs. 2.50/- per kilometer
1. Business opportunity without investment.
2. Income through four means.
3. Stress-free work.
4. There is no danger.
5. Accident insurance protection.
6. Opportunity to be a leader.
Nature of work
1. Connecting people close to you as customers.
2. Adding those who want to grow the business as vendors.
3. Creating a franchise for business growth.
5. Promoting and disseminating the company.
The products and services of all the merchants/shopkeepers associated with Project Star-G to reach out to the customers and the variety of businesses in the market to connect with Project Star-G and to work for the promotion and promotion of Project Star-G. The company has provided the person who wants to do so through a franchise.
Terms and Conditions
1. The registration fee for Staar Business Group's franchise is Rs 2,500. Is
2. In exchange for Rs.
3. Once paid the franchise fee will not be refunded for any reason.
4. After taking the franchise, the franchisee wants to work according to the plan made by the company.
5. The franchise should not provide any information to the customer or vendor.
6. The franchise does not want to do anything that will tarnish the company's image.
7. Franchise The new franchise in your group has to be filled out properly.
8. The franchise will join the Business Development Directors Club only after completing all 10 levels.
9. The person participating in the Business Development Director's Club will be given a share of 10% of the company's total business in all BDDs.
"Vocal for Local - A New Slogan for Local Entrepreneur Growth".
This year's Dussehra and Diwali shopping was done from local shops for the past six months, Staar Business Group has been working online and offline to increase sales of its products to shopkeepers in Maharashtra districts.
Shoppers who have been stunned by the COVID-19 s are now facing a huge crisis of online shopping by foreign companies. To save these shopkeepers and their business, Staar Business Group has launched a huge offer of Dussehra and Diwali shopping for its customers to boost their store sales significantly during this year's Dussehra and Diwali. And the maximum benefit of this offer is going to be to the local shopkeepers. At the same time, Staar Business Group has launched "Vocal for Local - a new slogan for local entrepreneurs to grow their industry"
to reach out to as many people as possible.
For more information contact today: -07219726066/09284713033.

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