Important Guidelines For Inner And Outer Labels Of Cosmetics In India

One of the vital aspects of cosmetic or personal care product marketing is adherence to cosmetic regulatory compliance. Proper labelling of cosmetic products assists in giving information to the customer about the product’s intended use along with other related warnings. Moreover, the labelling requirements for cosmetics in India also gives information about the ingredients, total quantity of the contents along with manufacture place as well as distribution place.

Since the year 2001, the government of India has made it compulsory for all packaged goods as well as cosmetics that are brought to the country to get perfectly labelled as per regulations and cosmetic product registration.

Have a look at some of the important requirements listed on the labelling of the cosmetic product:
1. Manufacturer and Importer’s complete name and address.
2. Generic name of the packed commodity.
3. Total quantity in terms of basic units.
4. Month and year of manufacturing.
5. Maximum retail sales price.

In all cosmetic products, all specific information must be mentioned both on the inner as well as outer labels. This specific information includes

Cosmetic name
1. Manufacturer name along with the complete address of the manufacturing
2. Ingredients name in order of percentage of content.
3. The outer label mostly contains a declaration of the total contents that is expressed in weights for 4. 4. solids/semi-solids and the name of ingredients in order of content percentage.

The inner label consists of

1. Warning words on where a hazard exists.
2. Proper direction for safe use.
3. Name and quantities of ingredients that are poisonous.
4. Ingredients name in order of content percentage.
5. A batch number
6. Registration Certificate Number preceded by RC No.

Most of the regulations are the same as international regulations for all cosmetic products and manufacturers are aware of them. But each country has its own specific regulation for which the required regulations should be studied thoroughly for running the import business in such a way that it is safe for both customers as well as an end-user.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to maintain proper packaging and labelling of cosmetic products for marketing and offering information to consumers about the product.

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