How to create an effective video advertisement

Online video advertising is not a new ad format. It’s been around for many years starting with TV commercials, moving billboards, and now expanding rapidly online. This move to digital video ad serving follows viewers who go online to consume more and more video content from their favorite apps and websites. Advertisers know video ads are one of the most effective formats because people these days have a very short attention span. They want information in bite-sizes. Video ads help advertisers get their message across quickly and effectively. Making a video ad used to require many professional equipment and tools. It is no longer the case as you can make one at home with your phone’s camera and make it look good with many available video editing apps.

To put together great video ad campaigns, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Below are some best practices that you can incorporate into your next video advertising campaign:

Focus on your message
Don’t focus too much on getting sales even though that is still the goal. Doing so will often come up as a hard sell and being pushy, which might turn viewers away. Instead, carefully craft your message that your target audience will agree and use a visual story to convey that message to them. The goal is to make them remember your ad and have a positive experience with your brand.

Show your product in action
Videos contain a lot of information and that factor is ideal to showcase your product or service, especially to an audience who has not experienced your brand before. It is your chance to show them what your brand does and how they will be using your product or service. A quick demo or a real-life usage will help viewers visualize the benefits into their own life.

Don’t sound too scripted
Even though most viewers will understand the video ad has a script, it is still a turn off if they feel it that way. Your ad copy or script should avoid the cliches and formal sentences. It should sound like a regular conversation with natural or even raw emotions. Start with a general outline or a list of bullet points. Don’t try to include every single word from the script into the video ad. It is easier said than done so you might need to hire a professional actor or an ad copywriter.

Use suitable music in your video ad
Music brings out feelings and that is what you want in your video ad. It helps set the mood for the ad experience and make the ad feel more connected and personal. However, it’s important to use a tune that is suitable, not too extreme and not too plain. There are paid and royalty-free sources for tunes so first try looking for a suitable royalty-free music that allows you to use the tune legally without paying a fee.

Include a call-to-action
At the end of your video ad, you need to lead the viewers to the next step. You can ask them to visit a website, call a number or check out your social media page. The action should benefit your business and your viewer as well. An effective call-to-action will boost your engagement metrics such as number of subscribers, clicks or conversions and ensure a positive ROI on the ad campaign.

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