How Ed-Tech Companies Are Optimizing As They Scale!

Managing the large flow of leads and making sure each one of them is being looked at correctly!
The pandemic has been an unprecedented calamity changing the course of the economy and businesses alike. It has ushered in an era of innovation and rapid change for industries such as education, work, and online shopping.

The Ed-tech industry has seen changes worth a decade compressed in a span of 6 months. From being an option for after-school education and test-prep, companies such as Byju’s, Vedantu, and Unacademy have become the first choice. Not only has Ed-tech carved its way into the new normal, but it has seen a 200% increase in students taking an active part in their free live classes.

With the significant increase in demand, the Ed-tech companies have been gearing up to manage and reach out to the students quickly and effectively to make the sale. With these companies entering the new phase of growth, Futwork has been at the forefront during this shift and helping Ed-tech companies to increase its sales calling capacity and optimize their funnel.

Futwork is a distributed tele-calling service on demand powered by Gig workers. Ed-tech companies like Yocket, Yangpoo, Pedagogy have been working with Futwork to manage and scale their sales funnel in a cost-effective manner while saving the time of your in-house salesforce.

A typical prospect goes through 4 stages in a sales process and here is how Futwork adds value and helps you save cost & time, whilst ensuring maximum conversions at each stage.

1. Qualifying the Lead: Our team of trained tele-callers ensures that you are only reaching out to the hot leads by qualifying the leads based on set parameters and your in-house sales team can focus on maximum conversions.
2. Present the offering: The tele-callers educate the leads on the offerings and the benefits provided ensuring all the consumer queries are answered making it easier for your sales team to close, ensuring there is momentum in the middle funnel.
3. Closing the sale: Tele-callers work on follow-ups and ensure the prospects complete the formalities and make the payment to get started, so your team can just focus on converting the leads.
4. Nurturing/Feedback: Timely feedback calls to users for user experience. Asking users for referrals and new leads ensuring the in-house sales team has maximum leads in the funnel throughout.

Our ‘Pay per minute spoken model’ makes sure customers pay for the output delivered without having to invest in hiring, infrastructure, training, and managing the resources. Our platform enables you to make maximize the conversion at the same time save 40% on your cost of sale.

If you’re looking to increase the productivity of your sales teams with on-demand tele-callers, write to us at or you can fill in the form here and we will get in touch with you asap:

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