Great Contents Are Not Enough!

They say to make a website and start creating great content to attract a lot of traffics.

Well, it’s not the whole truth. As it is best to have great content, it is not enough. What would happen if you have great content but people have no chance of reading it? Because it doesn’t appear on searches.

Doing Keyword Research is necessary.

Keyword research is searching for the right words that your website should focus on. To include in every part of your website and posts.

How to do this?

Identify the main keywords that you will use on your website.

Type your main keywords on a search engine, like Google. See other related searches that will pop up BEFORE you press ‘enter’. Take note of these keywords and gather 10-20 of them.

AFTER entering your main keywords, find the ‘related searches’ of your keywords. For Google, it is usually at the bottom part of the results page. Note these keywords and have them as your supporting keywords.

Search for websites that can check keywords ranking and densities.

Analyze the ranking and check the competition. How many people are searching for your keywords and the related words you’ve gathered.

After checking the ranking of keywords. Delete the not-so-good keywords to have 1-3 focus keywords and 5-10 supporting keywords.

With these keywords, you now know what you can include in every content that you will take.

A better chance of ranking and a better chance that search engines will find your website.

I hope I’ve added value to you in any way today.

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