Donate Old Clothes To These Worthy Ngos In Delhi

There are a number of ways to donate old clothes to charitable organizations so you can actually make a profound improvement in some individual's well-being. But there are times when people genuinely want to donate their clothes, but they do not have an idea whom to contact. Do you face the same issue?
So, if you are wondering where to donate old clothes in Delhi, you would be pleased to know that there are numbers of NGOs in the city which collect old clothes and distribute them among the deprived.
They are one of the very popular NGO based in Delhi that collects reusable material and then makes it accessible to those who need it on an everyday basis. Their popular campaign, Not Just a Piece of Cloth (NJPC), has been raising awareness amongst people. They try to make people understand the taboo of menstruation, collecting cloth, turning them into their special sanitary pads.
If you have a few old and usable clothes, then you can donate those to Goonj. In fact, not just clothes, but they also accept stationery, dry ration, office equipment, and footwear, amongst many others. They have collection centers all over Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Noida, as well as most other metropolitan cities.
Uday Foundation
Uday Foundation happens to be one of the very popular NGOs that also accept old clothes and other necessary things from people for the needy ones. The NGO was created by the parents of Arjunuday, who was born with several congenital defects, as they determined to campaign for the welfare of children with medical requirements. You may get in touch with them, schedule a donate clothes pick up, and then give away the clothes you do not need anymore.
Besides clothes, they are also taking the winter garments, packed water bottles, ORS, dry ration, basic toiletries, medicines, and more. The stuff you actually wish to donate can be dropped off at their office at Sri Aurobindo Marg.
Clothes Box Foundation
Along with these above-mentioned NGOs, the Clothes box Foundation is also one of the very popular charitable trusts that you can consider. It is mainly a Facebook page, which was started by two young residents of Gurgaon. With time, it has now spread around across many cities.
As the name suggests, their foundation promotes the donation of clothes. If you have some usable and old clothes, you can give it to them, and they will give it to all those who are needy. They are well-known for their dedication to the welfare of the homeless and disaster survivors with special needs. You can give them all your old clothes which are still in wearable condition. Now, if you are still wondering where to donate old clothes near me, Clothes Box Foundation would be a name to consider.
Dream Girl Foundation
This nonprofit organization mainly emphasizes an offer is providing a better lifestyle and proper education to children. They work with needy and underprivileged children and create awareness about health, education, sanitation, AIDS, and other aspects. This NGO also provides necessary shelters to young girls.
If you are searching for a place to donate old clothes in Delhi, go for Dream Girl Foundation. They accept old and wearable clothes for girls, basic toiletries, books, stationery, and medicines. The donation process is very simple. You will have to visit their website and fill up a form.

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