Do no read this. Digital Age is here more than ever.

How many today, are still into traditional education? How many today, are still in traditional jobs? Before the pandemic (COVID-19), everything is still okay with how we do things like the good “old days.” But when the pandemic happened, everything changed. Countries and cities are in lockdown and can not go out. What happened aside from the health crisis? Economy crisis, people are losing job and income.

While some economies are losing jobs and profit, some are going above 100%.

Who are they? The people who are more familiar with the digital world.

What do they do? Online jobs, remote tasks, “freelancing.”

Where they do it? HOME

Why they do it? Like any other people, it is a job to provide food on the table.

When they do it? It depends on their clients’ timezones.

How much they earn? It depends on the skill you have in this digital world.

How did they do it? By learning things online.

Read more in my articles and know more about this digital world.

I am new to the industry, and I hope you can join me on this journey.

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