Categories of Business Application Software

Software is a tool that allows a user to complete a task with more credibility. Nowadays, many businesses are using business application software for different organizational purposes. Whether a business organization is of small or large scale, dealing with the different tasks or work processes cannot be ignored. So to make the work of every department and employees more accountable and of less error, organizations must adopt business application software. As there are number of application software available for the businesses, the organization must choose the software according to their size and need of the business process.

Categories of business application software are as under:
1. Business Process Management Software (BPM)
BPM software helps an organization to improve the performance of business processes at different aspects in an organization. It can be designing, managing, exercising, distributing, implementing, executing, monitoring and optimizing. BPM software enables the organization to organize and analyze data and can take effective integrated decisions by which productivity can be improved. BPM software facilitates an organization where documentation management, email integration, tracking business activities, etc., can be done with more visibility and transparency.

2. Accounting Software
The basic work of the accounting software is to make the recording and reporting of a financial transaction process for a department and make it more effective. Accounting software can be used for different accounting related activities like accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, book keeping, billing, sales order, purchase order, inventory, debt collection, payroll, VAT etc. With the help of the accounting software managing all accounting related has become easy and can be done in a specified time with less capital investment.

3. Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)
CRM software basically works on the model of business to customer (B2C) where better relationships are maintained between business organization and customer. A customized CRM software is essential for most of the organizations because it helps businesses to achieve client’s and customer’s insight. CRM software effectively works towards the better customer service and does the streamlining of business operations. With the CRM database managing the records of employees, clients, customer interactions, business information, marketing, contracts lead and win, and many more can be done easily.

4. Business Intelligence Software (BI)
BI can also be considered as a business analytical tool. It enables an organization to understand the performance of their business processes with correct insight of the organization’s information, so that effective decisions can be made. With the help of data warehouse the organization’s data can be retrieved and analyses can be done on that basis, through which reports can be generated. With BI, reports can be created at a low cost, analyzing and visualizing of the data can easily be done by the concerned department of an organization. Many BI software provides the features like integrated dashboards, reporting tools, and data analysis. With BI business performances can be strengthened to achieve business goals with more accountability. And necessary steps or required efforts can be made to minimize the weaknesses of business processes. website is a useful resource which caters to micro businesses on developments in digital marketing in India. It provides information on digital marketing strategies and helps Indian micro businesses to establish strong online presence and to leverage the Internet for business performance and growth.

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