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A mixture of avocado, healthy fats, and fiber mixed with roti flour to give a perfectly soft tortilla. It can be enjoyed with Indian and Mexican foods.
BABY TIP: When practicing baby-led weaning, quickly dip the entire rotli in water and then tear into small pieces. Honestly, these turn out to be super soft and taste great for the whole family to enjoy. You won’t be disappointed.
1 medium avocado
1.5 cups whole wheat flour (I use 24 mantra brand organic flour)
1 tbsp oil of choice
1 tbsp flax seeds, grounded
1 tbsp chia seeds, grounded
2-3 tbsp hot water (amount depends on dough preference)
1 tbsp ghee
all purpose flour for dusting
salt (I add 1/4 tsp)
Additional spices (jalapenos, garlic, turmeric, black pepper, etc)
Mix all of the contents, except ghee, together and kneed into a dough. TIP: You can use a kitchen mixer if you prefer.

Add the ghee and knead the dough one final time to make the dough smooth.

Divide the dough into equal parts. I make a total of 12 thin rotli or 10 thicker ones. The size can vary based on your liking.

Heat a flat plan on medium high heat.

Roll out a rotli and then place onto the pan (be sure the pan is hot before placing the rotli on it).

In about 20 seconds flip the rotli over.

Cook for about 30-40 seconds on the second side and then flip over again OR roast over an open flame.

HOW TO INFLATE THE ROTLI: As you see small bubbles form, push on them gently with your hand, tongs, or even the bottom of a the pan (authentic grandma method) to give pressure. This will help inflate the rest of the rotli.

Stack on top of a napkin and top with ghee, butter, or enjoy as is. TIP: They stay hot and soft if stacked one on top of another.

Serve warm.

Enjoy! Happy Eating, Folks!
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