Are Whitening Strips effective for Teeth Whitening?

Are Whitening Strips effective? In a previous post, we talked about how easy and convenient it would be if Whitening Toothpaste worked. You’re already brushing, so adding a Whitening component would be perfect, right? Unfortunately, convenience doesn’t always translate into effectiveness. The question isn’t whether Whitening Strips work or not. They do. The question is whether or not they’re effective enough to be worth your while.
Here’s the skinny…
The Strips will whiten your teeth if you have the time to fuss with them. You have to be willing to put up with more hassle and more pain to get an equivalent result. If they were the only game in town as far as Whitening goes I would be far more enthusiastic as a Mumbai Dental Clinic a Dental Hospital in Udaipur and dental Doctors Udaipur. Unfortunately, I think Whitening Strips are the weakest of the 3 decent options for Teeth Whitening. The other two being the Custom Whitening Trays and Laser Teeth Whitening.

What You Can Expect with Whitening Strips
I’ve had patients do a decent job of it with the Strips, and I’ve had many patients abandon them out of frustration. It will take longer to get a decent result. You may have to pay for extra kits, which adds more to your cost. Since the cost factor is the only benefit of the strips, this kind of defeats the purpose of using them. Your teeth and gums will get sore. Your gums will get chemical burns from the peroxide and the pores of your teeth will be left open. As far as I do know, the Whitening Strips don't have formulas that contain desensitizing agents. You certainly can’t manage sensitive teeth like you can with the Custom Whitening Trays. Here’s the kicker. The trays can be used post-whitening to apply a fluoride gel, which is very effective at reducing any sensitivity. When you have less sensitivity, you can persist longer with the whitening and do a better job of it. One of the big reasons people stop using Whitening Strips is they can’t stand the pain anymore.

Mumbai Dental Clinic a Child Dental Care Udaipur Whitening Dentist Abandons Strips
I bought a case of the strips for the odd patient who wanted a low-cost alternative to tray whitening. I ended up throwing out almost the entire lot. I tried some on myself and found it a complete waste of time in comparison to the trays. That odd patient who chose the Whitening Strips was unhappy with the results. As a Mumbai Dental Clinic a Dental fillings in Udaipur, an unhappy patient is NEVER a good thing no matter how low the price was for those Strips. Everyone loves a bargain, but not if the results don’t measure up.

Are Whitening Strips or Custom Trays for You?
Ultimately it’s your call. It’s your health, your smile, and your future. Still up for the challenge of Whitening Strips? I tell patients to go ahead and try them if they like. They’re always welcome to upgrade to the Custom Whitening Trays afterward. Most come to the realization their time is too valuable to waste on something that might not deliver. Others make an attempt and quickly realize a bargain is not always a bargain. One final thought. I find that some of the biggest fans of the Custom Whitening Trays are those who previously wasted money and time on the Strips.

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