A Diamond is Forever

A solitaire ring is a ring which has one single diamond or gemstone set into it. This ring consists of two parts – a gemstone and a setting. There are many settings for a solitaire ring. It can have heavy carat weight or it can be lightweight and modest. The setting of the solitaire ring depends on the customer’s personal preference and budget. How much money is he willing to spend on the ring.
The two most common metals used in solitaire rings are yellow gold and white gold. Platinum also comes a close second because of it durability and high shine. Silver is also fast emerging as a popular choice because of its affordability and its white gold look. Silver, when rhodium polished, can give white gold a run for its money.
When it comes to solitaire ring, no ring can beat the popularity of the solitaire diamond ring. Elegance and tradition combine in this ring to make it the most preferred choice for an engagement ring. The solitaire diamond ring symbolises the love between a couple. There’s a saying that ‘diamonds are forever’. The solitaire diamond ring signifies that the love between the couple is endless and the relationship is eternal.
Solitaire diamond rings come in various designs, largely depending on the shape of the diamond. The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape for a diamond engagement ring. This design of solitaire diamond ring is timeless and will never go out of style. The second most popular style is the princess cut solitaire diamond engagement ring. Other popular choices are emerald cut solitaire diamond engagement ring, oval solitaire engagement ring, marquise solitaire engagement ring, cushion solitaire engagement ring etc.
There are exclusive designs for men and women both. The diamond solitaire ring tops the list when it comes to consumers’ preference when buying an engagement ring for a woman. All jewellery stores have an array of special solitaire rings for her. These rings are designed especially for women, keeping in mind that she is special and also that it’s a very special occasion for her. Latest fashion trends as well as the needs of the modern woman are also kept in mind while designing solitaire rings for her.
If you are looking for a solitaire ring, the online jewellery stores are a good option. It saves you the trouble of physically hopping from shop to shop. You can shop from the comfort of your home with the click of a mouse. You just have to key in the words solitaire rings online and immediately a whole lot of online stores will pop up on your screen with their designs.
The variety might overwhelm you, as you will see a multitude of designs in different colours. There will be emerald, ruby, sapphire, pearl and other gemstones. And, of course, the evergreen and ever popular diamond solitaire ring which never cease to delight. Yes, diamonds are forever, and so is their allure. The small white sparkling stone will always rule.

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