Top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Hose Assembly Products & Solutions

Established in 2009, FlexFit Hose LLC has over 8 years experience as a full-service provider of industrial Hose and related products. Our business provides the highest grade products with the best customer’s services. We are committed to providing services of unsurpassed quality to meet all your needs as well as help reduce your production downtime.

FlexFit Hose LLC is the leading Metal Hose Supplier to the process industries and our manufacturers are specialists in the field of hoses, hose fitting, Stainless Tubing, compensators and couplings. As a specialist and market leader in the industry, FlexFit Hose LLC guarantees excellent service, reliable hoses, hose fitting, tubing and related products and system solutions. FlexFit Hose LLC is your reliable and sophisticated distribution partner in terms of availability, flexibility, guarantee, reliability and unmatched quality of the products.

At FelxFit Hose, we hold an extensive range of the Best Chemical Hose suitable for conveying a range of media including chemicals, fuels, corrosive chemicals, foodstuffs and water. We render a wide range of Braided Hose, Braided Stainless Hose, Flex Hoses, Metal Hose, PTFE Hoses and Ss Braided Hose options to suit a variety of applications. We are a dependable service provider of top quality Hose, Hose assembly products and solutions throughout Baltimore, MD. We offer a complete range of top-quality industrial Hose Assemblies, hose and hose fittings in bulk with the best custom solutions at reasonable prices.

At FlexFit Hose LLC, all hoses are specifically designed for delivery or suction/delivery applications.  If you are looking for top-quality hose ends fittings and related products, you have come to the right place. Our hose ends fittings are available for Offshore Tote Tank applications. We are notable PTFE Hose Distributor in Baltimore, MD that provides first-class Oxygen Cleaned Hose, Oxygen Service PTFE Hose Assemblies, and Stainless Steel Braided Oxygen Hose to help you complete the highest purity process applications. If you require the best quality hoses for commercial liquid & gas oxygen hose service, PTFE HOSE Assemblies are the best choice for you. For more details, call us at (410)429-7743) today and visit us at!!


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