Precise, Safe and Reliable Regenerative Medicine in Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to Regenerative Cell Institute, we aim to render the best regenerative medical treatments to reduce symptoms correlated with the diseases of aging. Regenerative Cell Institute is a top provider of regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy procedures and stem cell extraction techniques to improve the patient’s lives.

Regenerative Cell Institute provides the entire state of Las Vegas with the most advanced, effective and safe all regenerative medical treatments for a variety of medical conditions including chronic pain conditions, neurological conditions, spinal and joint pain injuries, auto-immune diseases, sexual wellness, arthritis, Anti-Aging, Hip Pain, Meniscal Tear, Sexual Dysfunction, Degenerated Disc and aesthetics. We specialize in Stem Cell Therapy, Regenerative Medicine in Austin and Exosomes PRP Therapy in Henderson.

Dr. Crispino Santos’, President and medical director, is a leader of medical innovations that provides the highest quality and top-notch solutions for chronic pain and degenerative diseases. He established Regenerative Cell Institute of Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013 and started the Institute’s second location in Mason City, Iowa in 2014. Dr. Santos is a specialist in regenerative medicine and interventional pain management with over 25 years of experience that offers the long lasting solutions and incredibly effective Stem Cell treatment & therapies to the patient in Las Vegas to achieve optimal results.

 For PRP Therapy for Arthritis in Las Vegas NV”, “Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging in Las Vegas NV”, “Stem Cell Therapy for Degenerated Disc Las Vegas NV”, “Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain Las Vegas NV”, “Stem Cell Therapy for Meniscal Tear Las Vegas NV” and “Stem Cell Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction in Las Vegas NV”, look no further than Regenerative Cell Institute.  

At Regenerative Cell Institute, you can find the most precise, safe and reliable Stem Cell Therapy in California, Stem Cell Therapy in Lowa, Stem Cell Therapy in Pharump and Stem Cell Treatment in Minnesota to treat diseases or many medical conditions. The Stem Cell Therapies have the potential to repair, replace, restore and regenerate cells and treat may medical conditions, injuries and diseases. For More Information, Please Call us at 702-434-7246 and Visit us at!!

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