New iPhone 11: Release Date, Price, Specs, and More

With Samsung recently announcing their Galaxy 10, the hype revolving the phone settles there. Now the phone enthusiasts are turning their eyes towards the latest iPhone addition. The date regarding the release of the latest iPhone is approaching quickly, and we are starting to see a clear vision of what we should expect from the phone.

The rumors surrounding the latest addition to the iPhone are not pointing towards any revolutionary upgrade. Which directly translates to the same display size with identical shape, but with faster software and likely an enhanced camera. The updates like 5G, enhanced screen size or change in Lightning Connector are not going to be here until 2020 at least.

The iPhone 11 is going to be the poster boy for upcoming iOS 13, and we are fairly certain that there are going to be iPhone 11S, iPhone R and iPhone 11 S Max too. What names are given to the new models is still unknown, but it is going to be something along the line.

Camera enhancement is going to be the main upgrade this time around. The iPhone 11 is most likely to get three sensors with a slight upgrade on each model. Smart features added for charging are also rumored.

Release Dates

The possible dates regarding the new iPhone launch are like this:

  • The launch date for iPhone 11: September 10, 2019
  • The preorder date for iPhone 11: September 13, 2019
  • The release date for the iPhone 11: September 20, 2019

Apple most commonly uses Wednesdays as its phone launch events. With Wednesday falling on September 11, which is considered a day for mourning in the US. Apple would avoid the day and most likely release the iPhone 11 on September 10, 2019. Apple might possibly delay the launch for another week too.

The preorder usually starts from Friday onwards which would be on September 13, and as for the release September 20 is our best prediction.

The iPhone 11 price

The price for the new iPhone is most likely going to 999$, and it is certainly not going to drop. Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone XS were priced 999$ so with no significant upgrades any hike in price is not likely.

iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?

What name is Apple going to give its latest addition is still a mystery for everyone. Roman numerals may still remain, but XI succeeding XS does not make sense, so the chances of the new iPhone to be iPhone 11 are high.

What We Want

  1. No Notch

Apple’s XS made notch a mainstream thing, but if Apple is to maintain the Face ID as secure as it is, then they should not opt for Notch, or at least go for a smaller Notch.

  • New Design

We certainly want a new and even better-looking design for the latest iPhone. The device could be sleeker and without any physical buttons. We want the 999$ costing phone to look just as premium as it costs.

  • Better Battery

This is one problem every iPhone has, and the demand we make every year. That being said, iPhone XR was one of Apple’s most extended battery life holders, so the hope is still alive for us.

With 5G coming soon we also want Apple to make phones compatible with it, or at least provide updates so that the existing users can entertain the services of 5G.

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