Migrate Your Yahoo Mail and Contacts to Gmail

Exchanging email specialist organizations does not need to be an upsetting assignment. You can move the majority of your Yahoo mail and contacts straightforwardly into your Gmail account as though nothing has changed. 


When the exchange is finished, you can send letters from either account whenever; your Yahoo or Gmail email address. Simply pick one from the "From" segment when forming messages or answering to existing ones. You can even arrange your Yahoo letter box to advance to the next record on the off chance that you like. 


The most effective method to Migrate Yahoo Contacts to Gmail (and Emails, Too) 


Sign into both your Yahoo account and your Gmail record to get ready to move messages and your location book. 


From your Yahoo account, assemble every one of the messages that you need to move to Gmail. Do this by relocating, or choosing and moving messages into the Inbox envelope. 


Mail in your Yahoo drafts, rubbish, and spam organizers are not imported. This is the reason it's essential to move any messages to the Inbox organizer in Yahoo before you begin the relocation procedure. 


In your Gmail account, select the Settings gear symbol and pick Settings. 


Select the Accounts and Import tab and pick the Import mail and contacts connect in the Import mail and contacts area. 


Screen capture of Accounts and Import 


In the new spring up window that opens, type your Yahoo email address in the content field for the initial step. Type the full address, for example, 


Screen capture of Sign into your other email account 


Pick Continue and after that select Continue again to consent to the terms of utilization. 


Screen capture of Terms of Use 


Another window will spring up with the goal that you can sign on to your Yahoo account. Select Agree to affirm that ShuttleCloud Migration (the administration used to move email and contacts) can get to your contacts and email. 


Screen capture demonstrating Agree to movement get to 


Close that window when advised to do as such. You'll be come back to Step 2: Import alternatives of Gmail's import procedure. 


Screen capture of Authentication Successful window 


Select the choices you need: Import contacts, Import mail and additionally Import new mail for next 30 days. 


The means above won't let new Yahoo messages touch base in your Gmail account. Rather, it just moves what's as of now there, or those messages in addition to new mail for 30 days, yet just on the off chance that you picked that choice during Step 9. 


Screen capture of Import alternatives 


Snap Start import when you're prepared. 


Snap OK to wrap up. 




It may take as long as two days before you see all the Yahoo mail brought into Gmail, yet that relies upon what number of messages you have in Yahoo. 


Gmail makes a mark for messages imported from Yahoo. It's named after the Yahoo address that is sending letters to your Gmail account. You can erase this on the off chance that you wish. 


Hurray contacts and message are not erased from your Yahoo account when they're brought into Gmail. In the event that you need to expel those things after the movement, sign in to your Yahoo account. 


Come back to Step 2 above in the event that you need to check the advancement of the import procedure. 


Screen capture of status 


You can quit bringing in mail whenever by tapping the Stop connect in the Accounts and Imports tab of Gmail's settings.

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