Inkjet Printer or Laser Printer | Which Printer is Best?

For the most part, choosing a printer can be a daunting job and involves balancing price, speed, and print quality. 

Inkjet Printer Vs. Laser Printer

To pick the right printer for you, you will have to ask yourself how much you print per month, what types of documents you will need to print, what quality print you want, whether or not you want to colour.

Also, you have to decide whether you consider more about the initial cost or cost over the printer's lifetime. 

The difference between inkjet printers and laser printers is day and night, but once you realize their differences and decide which type is most suitable for your needs, you are more than half-way to finding the best printer for you.

(1) Laser printers produce short, speedy text documents and decent images. 

(2) Inkjet printers produce top-quality, long-lasting photos and not-so-crisp text, all at an uncomfortably-slow pace.

(1) Inkjet printers are suitable if printing high-quality photos are much more significant that high-quality text and graphics and if speed is not an issue for you.

Their major selling point is their superior colour efficiency and print resolution for vivid photos, so this does add time to printing each page. 

They are also suitable if you have light printing needs and are more concerned with the cost upfront since replacing the ink cartridges can get pricey if you start to print a lot.

(2) Laser printers are best if high-quality text documents are more important than high-resolution photos and that speed is essential. 

Laser printers' major selling point is their capability to fast print crisp documents at a very low cost per page.

Colour laser printers' major selling point is their capacity to print documents with a mix of text, graphics, and photos at a fast speed.

(1) Laser printers run a bit more costly because they can "do it all." Overall, laser printers and colour laser printers cost much less to maintain and run and have a lower cost over the printer's life but have a higher price-tag initially.

(2) It's worth describing in detail the huge difference in the cost of ownership of the two types of printers. An inkjet printer costs a lot less initially but its cost per page is more expensive than a laser printer's cost per page. Companies practically give away inkjet printers because the profit for most manufacturers is in the ink cartridges, or consumables as they call them. 

On the other hand, a laser printer costs a lot more initially, but over time its toner will cost very less per page. For example, let's assume you print 5000 pages in two months. You would have to succeed the inkjet's ink cartridges about 25 times compared with the two times you would have to replace the laser printer's toner cartridge. The cost of the inkjet ink cartridges would nearly double the cost of the laser toner cartridges. If you print a couple of hundred pages per month or a thousand pages per month, laser printers are more cost-effective overall.


(1) If your business' output volume is moderate to heavy, your best bet is to go with a laser printer due to the laser printer's total cost of ownership.

(2) If you print very occasionally, whether it's for personal use or your small office, then an inkjet printer would be more cost-effective.

At the end of the day, the types of documents you need to print may determine what printer or printers, you choose.

(1) If you're printing largely photos and documents for personal use, such as directions in which you don't care about the quality, then you should get an inkjet printer.

(2) If you print a lot of text documents and are cost conscience, then a budget monochrome laser printer would be your best fit. Finally, if you print a moderate volume of text, graphics, and mixed documents, then a colour laser printer would best suit your necessities and would be a good investment.

HP printers are prominent in both the inkjet printers and laser printers categories. 

Epson printersCanon printers, and Kodak printers are very famous for inkjet and photo printers. 

Brother printersXerox printersHP printers, and Samsung printers are beneficial in class for laser printers with Xerox probably the best in class for colour laser printers for businesses. 

Now you have to figure out your printing needs and do your research and you will find the right printer for your needs at the right price.

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