How to Use Microsoft Photos in Windows 10?

Luckily, Microsoft Photos application is entirely free of cost for the users of Windows 10. This powerful application can be used for plenty of reasons such as for viewing, editing, and so on. To know about it in more detail, go through this blog carefully.
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Note: This blog is applicable to the users of Microsoft Photos application on Windows 10.
How to access Microsoft Photos app?
  1. Firstly, press on ‘Start.’
  2. Then, choose Photos into the search bar and select the Photos application.
The method of adding pictures to the application
  1. Firstly, connect the pen-drive or memory card to your PC .
  2. Then, choose the Start option.
  3. After that, select Photos.
  4. Next, choose import.
  5. Then, go through the instructions given on display for importing the photos to the Photos application.
The method of making videos in the Windows 10 Photos Application
  1. Firstly, go to Microsoft Photos and choose the picture that you wish to edit. Keep in mind that this picture shall open in the application.
  2. Choose the Edit and Create pull-down menu. It shall be towards the right-hand side.
  3. Then, choose Edit under the Edit and Create pull-down menu for cropping the picture, adding filters, effects, and much more.
  4. After that, observe that the editing section shall be opening with three tabs. Whenever you choose a tab, more options will get displayed. Choose the option for previewing it and select save for adding the changes.
  5. Choose Draw under the Edit and Create pull-down menu for putting an artistic effect to the picture of yours. This window comprises of four options. Every option has more options included on it. After you are done with the selection, you can easily start writing or drawing on the picture. Select Save or save a copy for saving the modifications.
  6. Next, put 3D Effects from the ‘Edit and Create’ pull-down menu for including 3D pictures that can also be animated. For instance, water droplets in the image of yours. Choose an option from the Effects tab for putting it to the image that has been selected by you. With the help of handles, the rotation of the picture can be done and you can also make a stunning animation by moving the animate handle towards the end of the image. Choose Save a Copy for applying the modifications.
Photos is an amazing app for viewing and editing pictures in Windows 10 devices.
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