How to Turn Your Xbox Console into a PC

If you want to transform your Xbox into the computer, then you can do so by following the instructions mentioned below. As the Xbox console has the same computer specifications as the older PC have, you can easily convert it to a properly working computer.

Here’s how to turn your Xbox Console into a PC

·       Some necessary items

1.    USB cable adapter.

2.    Lexar JumpDrive Secure 128 and 256 MB.

3.    Otherwise, you will need a Kingston DataTraveler 32 and 256 MB.

4.    A Linux OS

5.    Xbox console

6.    Mechassault Xbox game

·       Getting the bootable Linux image on the USB stick

Start attaching the USB memory device to the console through the USB cable adapter.

1.    Enable the Xbox console.

2.    Start downloading the Mechinstaller.

3.    You need to flash the FatX image to the USB stick by pairing it with the computer.

4.    Start transferring the Mechassault picture to the USB device by pulling it.

·       Start copying the FatX image to the Xbox

1.    Delete the USB drive from the computer.

2.    Pair it to the console.

3.    Now, the USB will display in the Xbox dashboard.

4.    Go to the USB drive by going to the dashboard.

5.    Now, you will get the three options: Remove Linux, Emergency Linux, and Install Linux.

6.    Choose the Memory option.

7.    Choose the USB device.

8.    Press on the Install Linux option.

9.    Choose the Copy option.

10.  Select the Xbox hard disk option.

·       Open the copied picture to begin Linux

1.    Place the Mechassault game copy.

2.    Go in the Xbox dashboard hard disk.

3.    Choose the Emergency Linux file.

4.    In case you have done this procedure properly, the Xbox will get restart automatically.

5.    Now, your TV will display a black screen, which is having white letters.

6.    Go to the IP address.

7.    Sign in with username and password registered with the Xbox.

8.    Once you have signed in, enter the below-given command which is xbox_tool-a to show the hard disk button.

9.    Start downloading the Linux copy.

10.  Insert it into the DVD-R.

11.  Insert the DVD-R in the Xbox for booting.

12.  Enter su to sign in as the admin.

13.  Start using the Xbox as your password.

14.  Enter XBOXLinuxInstaller in the given box.

15.  Go through the guidelines to finish the setup process.

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