How to Turn On Auto Lock on Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has an auto-lock feature which will let you unlock it easily. In case you are using your Apple Watch and have forgotten to turn off the screen, then this feature will help you lock your Apple Watch screen automatically. To complete this procedure, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below.

Steps to turn on the screen lock

·        Click on the Apps option.

·        Click on the Digital Crown option.

·        It resembles a circle with red color option. It is located on the right-hand corner of the Apple Watch.

·        Find the settings tab,

·        Then, select the Passcode option.

·        Click on the Turn Passcode On option.

·        Enter a new password.

·        It is of four digits.

·        You should have this because it helps you to unlock the Apple Watch.

·        You need to enter the password once again.

·        You need to check whether you have typed the password properly.

·        At last, in the given menu, enable the Wrist Detection option in case it is not already turned on.

·        It will lock the Apple Watch.

Steps to unlock your display

·        If you want to unlock the display, click on the Side option.

·        It is an option given near to the Digital Crown.

·        Type a new password.

Steps for changing the passcode

·        In case you wish to change the password, find the passcode settings tab.

·        The option you are searching is known as Change Passcode.

Steps to turn off the screen lock

·        In case you do not wish to add the passcode, then type the passcode settings tab.

·        Select the “Turn Passcode Off” OPTION.

Steps to find the Apple Watch manually

·        Click on the Control Center menu.

·        If you want to complete this procedure, then go to the upper side when you have open the Watch face.

·        Press on the lock symbol.

·        It is located in the end right-hand side of the display.

·        In case you want to lock the Apple Watch display, press on the Lock option.

·        Click on the Side option.

Steps to access Apple Watch through iPhone

·  Unlocking the Apple Watch

1.   Firstly, go to the Watch application.

2.   Click on the My Watch option.

3.   Select the Passcode option.

4.   In case it is turned on yet, click on the option “Wrist Detection” to enable it.

·  Changing the passcode

1.   In case you wish to change the password of the Apple Watch, click on the password settings tab.

2.   It is located in the Watch application.

3.   Choose the “Change Passcode” option.

4.   Alternatively, in case you wish to select the passcode which resembles a four-digit symbol.

5.   Disable the Simple Passcode feature.

Steps to turn on Water Lock

·        Go on the upward direction to launch the Control Center.

·        Click on the droplet symbol.

·        Now, you need to turn on the Water Lock.

·        Move the Digital Crown counterclockwise,

·        Now, you have successfully unlocked the Apple Watch.

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