How to Transfer Candy Crush Progress to a New Phone

Candy Crush is a popular and addictive mobile game. In this article, you will get different methods to transfer Candy Crush progress to a new phone. You can complete this procedure by using Facebook, Kingdom, CopyTrans, and Helium on your smartphone.

Steps to Transfer Candy Crush Progress to a New Phone Using Facebook and Kingdom

·       Open the Candy Crush on an old phone.

·       You need to back up the game progress.

·       After that, pair to the Kingdom.

·       Otherwise, pair it to Facebook.

·       You need to sync the progress with the game servers.

·       Start installing Candy Crush on your new phone.

·       If you are the iPhone and iPad users, then start downloading the application from the App Store.

·       In case you are Android users, then start installing it by going to the Google Play Store.

·       Open the game on your new device.

·       Pair to the Kingdom or Facebook account.

Steps to Transfer Candy Crush Progress to a New Phone Using CopyTrans

·       Open the CopyTrans application on the system.

·       Pair to the iPad or iPhone to your PC by using the USB cable.

·       Go through the applications and games option.

·       It is given in the main application menu.

·       It can be organized on the left-hand corner of the screen.

·       Press on the Candy Crush option to choose it.

·       Press on the Backup App option given over the menu list.

·       After that, find the folder where you wish to save the Candy Crush backup.

·       Press on the Ok option.

·       Now, Candy Crush will save the file in the IPA folder.

·       Close the application.

·       Connect the old phone again.

·       You need to open the application.

·       Pair a new phone.

·       Find the IPA folder where you want to save the Candy Crush backup.

·       Pull it in the main menu of the application.

·       Now all the games will get installed on a new phone.

Steps to Transfer Candy Crush Progress to a New Phone Using Helium

·       Open the Helium application on the old phone.

·       Pair the smartphone to the system with the USB cable.

·       Open the Helium Desktop application.

·       Now, the applications get connected.

·       You will get the prompt box on the system display.

·       You need to unpair the device from your system.

·       Open the Helium application on the device.

·       Choose the “PC Download” option.

·       It will open the Helium server display.

·       Open the default browsing application on the computer.

·       Click on the same address.

·       Go through the “Backup App Data” option.

·       After that, choose the Candy Crush option.

·       Click on the Start Backup option.

·       It will start saving the .zip file, which includes Candy Crush option on the system.

·       After that, choose the Restore option on a new phone.

·       Go to the ZIP file which you have already saved.

·       This procedure will help you to move the Candy Crush game to a new phone.

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