How to Set Up Google Pixel Buds with iPhone

In case you are using the iPhone and want to connect to it with the Google Pixel Buds, you need to take the manual route. The Fast Pair feature is compatible with the Android device. In this article, you will get to know the steps to set up Google Pixel Buds with iPhone.


Here’s How to Set Up Google Pixel Buds with iPhone

·       In case you have not gone through this procedure already, then remove the earbuds from its cover.

·       You need to protect the protective film, in case you have one before following the next step.

·       After deleting the protective film, you do not need to remove the buds from the case.

·       It is compulsory to charge your buds first before start setting up it.

·       You need to charge the Google Pixel buds for a few minutes.

·       In case you have used the buds, go through the battery status.

·       If you are getting the single and pulse indicator, then this means upstream power level is too low.

·       Also, the buds cannot connect with the iPhone.

·       You need to charge them till the LED orange light changes into white color.

·       You need to check whether you are charging your earbuds correctly or not.

·       You will get this information in your Pixel Buds guide.

·       After charging the Google Pixel Buds fully, then you have to enable the Bluetooth.

·       Click on the Settings tab symbol.

·       It is given on the Home screen of the smartphone.

·       Click on the Bluetooth column.

·       Click on the slider given near to the Bluetooth option to enable it.

·       You will get the menu list of all the devices after turning on Bluetooth.

·       Find the Pixel Buds in the menu list and press on them.

·       Wait until the device gets connected.

Steps to Connect to Multiple Buds

·       Put the Pixel Buds in the charging case.

·       After getting the green light from the LED, keep pressing on the option given in the charging case for a few seconds.

·       You need to change the buds into the pairing mode.

·       Start activating the Bluetooth on the device you wish to sync with the Google Pixel Buds.

·       Start pairing both the devices.

You can change both the devices by following the steps mentioned below:

·       Go to the Bluetooth menu on your device you wish to change.

·       Start scanning the devices which are available now.

·       Choose the Pixel Buds from the menu list.

Steps to Disable the Buds

·       Open the Settings tab.

·       It is located on the Home screen.

·       Click on the Bluetooth column.

·       It is located on the menu list.

·       Find the menu list.

·       Press on the Pixel Buds option.

·       Click on the Disconnect button.

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