How to Remove Malware on your Mac?

Mac is amongst the most used computer systems by Apple around the globe. Mac has amazing features to offer to its users, but sometimes it slows down and functionality issues arise due to malware. There are innumerable ways malware can enter your Mac, and it may result in crashing of files and the entire system. If you are amongst the users who do not know how to remove malware from your Mac, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best methods to remove malware from your Mac and to boost its functionality.

System Software Update

Update your Mac software to improve the security and remove the existing malware.

● Get started by going to the Apple menu icon in the top-left of the window.

● After that, you should choose "App Store" to launch the Mac App Store.

● Then you have to select the "Updates" tab in the upper part of the Mac App Store screen.

● Thereafter, you should install updates.

● Maybe you need to enter your Apple ID and password.

● When you are using macOS Sierra, instead of troubleshooting it manually, it allows you to Automatic install updates. To use this feature go to System preferences and then enable the Automatic Install option. It will download the required updates automatically in the background.

● Go to the Mac App Store on your Mac.

● After that, you should select the App Store in the top-left of the menu bar.

● Then you have to select the "Preferences."

     Thereafter you should tick the following boxes:-

1.   Download newly available updates in the background.

2.   Install app updates.

3.   Install macOS updates.

4.   Install system data files and security updates.

Review the Disk Errors

You can review the disk errors. Here are the instructions given below.

● First of all, you have to restart your Mac.

● While restarting, you should long-press "Command-R" until it boots up.

● After restarting, navigate to the "Internet Recovery Partition" and choose Disk utility option.

● Now, you have to click on Continue.

● Then you should select First Aid option in Disk Utility.

● Thereafter, you have to select the Run option.

Reset the NVRAM/PRAM and SMC

If you want to reset the NVRAM/PRAM and SMC on laptops and desktops, you need to follow the steps given below. 

Get started by using a laptop:-

● First, you have to turn off your MacBook.

● After that, you should reboot the computer by holding the Power button together with "Shift -Ctrl-Option" keys.

● Now, release your fingers from the keys and then just hit the power key to boot up your computer properly.

To get started using a desktop:-

● To begin with, turn off your Mac.

● After that, you should disconnect it and wait for a minimum of 20 seconds.

● Then you have to connect the Mac back and wait for 5 to 10 seconds.

● Now, you should reboot your Mac with the Power key.

Make Partition on your MacBook

You can make a partition on your MacBook. Here are the instructions given below.

● First and foremost to launch the Finder app from your dock.

● You should select the "Applications."

● After that, you have to move down and go to the Utility folder.

● Then, you should twice click on "Disk Utility."

● Thereafter, you have to choose the "hard drive" in the Disk Utility screen.

● Generally, it is the first drive that appears on the list. In most cases, it is labeled as "Macintosh HD" or "Fusion."

● You should select the partition tab.

● Later, you have to choose ( + ) icon.

● With the help of resizing controls, you can set the size of the partition as your preference.

● You should give a new partition name.

● Now, click on Apply.

By following the steps and methods mentioned above, you will be able to remove malware on  your Mac.

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