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Global Business Jet Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast 2021-2027

How to Register for Verizon Visible Through the App

So, you also have heard about the amazing services Visible is giving to its users. Definitely, after hearing about Visible’s services, most of you want to try it. Visible is the wireless service provider owned by Verizon company, that gives a lot such as unlimited talk, data, messages, hotspot usage, and much more with its monthly subscription. Its services can be access through a SIM card as well as via its app. If you also want to sign up for Visible, you need to download the Visible app on your device. Here is how to register for Visible through Visible app.


Downloading Visible app in smartphone or tablet

Visible application is a must for using Visible on a device, everything for Visible is controlled through its app. These include signing up for Visible, purchasing a new device, paying bills, and more. It means users don’t need to go anywhere else. They will get everything for the service provider on their device. You can also say this one of the big downsides of the carrier. The company has provided the free Visible app on Google Play Store for the users. Here is how to install Visible app.

1.   Take your device that you want to use for registering on Visible.

2.   Open the Google Play Store app onto it.

3.   After that touch on the field have written Google Play into it at the top. This will bring the keyboard on your screen.

4.   Type ‘Visible’ and start searching. Just below the search field, the suggestions for your search start appearing.

5.   Select ‘Visible Phone Service.’ It has a blue icon with written Visible in white under it.

6.   The apps details page will open your screen, here its name may showing as ‘Visible Phone Service (Early Access),’ and it is by Visible Services, LLC.

7.   Now, touch on the green ‘Install’ button to begin downloading the Visible app on your device.

8.   According to your privacy settings, you may be prompted for permission, Allow it.

9.   Now, wait for the application to download and install automatically.

After it finishes, Visible icon will be added to your device home screen or app drawer for starting the app.

Signing up for Visible through Visible app

When you start the Visible app on your device, you’ll get the two options for registering a new device or getting the Visible services for your device. For the first time, both the choices will allow you to sign up. Here is how.

1.   Touch on the ‘Visible’ app icon to open it.

2.   On the welcome screen, touch on ‘Just the Service’ button at the bottom. If you’re enrolling for the first time, then you can tap on anyone, both will take you to the registering process.

3.   Now, type your first name and last name in their fields.

4.   Touch on round blue ‘>’ button near the bottom to next.

5.   Then enter an email address for your account ID and touch ‘>’ button.

6.   Now, create a password of 8 or more characters with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one special character.

7.   Touch ‘>’ button to proceed. Let’s Review screen will come up on the screen with all the info you’ve entered.

8.   Check the information and touch on the ‘Next’ button. Congratulation, you’ve successfully signed up for a Visible account.

9.   On the greeting screen, touch on the ‘Next’ button.

10.  Touch on ‘Apple’ or ‘Android’ button at the bottom depending on the phone you’re using.

11.  Now, you’ll be asked to provide the IMEI number of your phone. Enter your 15 digits IMEI number and touch on ‘>’ button. IMEI number is the unique number of each phone. You can check your phone’s box or bill to know yours.

12. Touch on ‘Next’ button.

13. Now, enter your details.

14.  Touch ‘>’ button to proceed.

15.  Touch ‘Set up payment’ button on the Payment Options screen.

16.  Choose a payment method.

17. Now, touch the toggle switch next to “I agree to Visible Terms and Conditions.”

18. And lastly, touch on ‘Checkout’ button.

That’s all! You’ve successfully registered yourself on Visible.

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