How to Recover Windows Product Key from Unbootable Hard Drive

Windows product key is essential while trying to install the Windows 10 again. You will need the Windows 10 product key for a system which will not boot. It is easy to recover the Windows product key from the unbootable hard drive. You can complete this procedure by following the instructions mentioned in this article.

Here’s how to recover Windows product key from unbootable hard drive


Source:- Recover Windows Product Key from Unbootable Hard Drive

·       Recover Windows 10 product key through NirSoft’s ProducKey program

1.    This procedure will work for the system, which is not booting, but the hard drive is working.

2.    You need to delete the drive from the dysfunctional system.

3.    Place the hard drive into the system.

4.    Otherwise, place it into the SATA hard drive docking station.

5.    You will see this as the drive given below the This PC option on the system.

6.    Open the ProduKey application.

7.    You should down and install the ProduKey application.

8.    By going to the ProduKey application, press on the File option.

9.    Choose the Select Source option.

10.  By going to the Select Source menu, press on the Load the product keys from external Windows directory option.

11.  Press on the Browse option.

12.  Choose the external hard disk drive.

13.  ProduKey will show the Windows product key of the system.

·       Recover Windows 10 product key through Superfly Inc.’s ShowKeyPlus

1.    Open the Microsoft Store.

2.    Find the ShowKeyPlus application.

3.    Press on the Install option.

4.    After completing the installation process, press on the Launch option.

5.    Now, you will get ShowKeyPlus menu on the screen.

6.    It will show the Windows 10 product key, which is already installed on the computer.

7.    The ShowKeyPlus will show the details such as the name of the product and ID, latest version and keys to the program which you have already installed.

8.    Press on the Save option.

9.    Otherwise, start copying and pasting the Windows product key.

10.  Start saving the product key on the selected folder.

·       Windows 10 key from the BIOS

1.    You need to save the Windows 10 product key by going to the BIOS on the computer.

2.    Now, the Windows 10 product key starts converting into the digital entity.

3.    It also connects with the device.

4.    It might be possible then this product key will not work on the same computer, and also it cannot be used in any other computer.

5.    The product key will be saved as the Microsoft servers.

6.    You can use the Windows 10 product key after reinstalling it.

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