How to Record Screen on iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows?

Are you wondering how to record videos of your device’s screen? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Suppose you want to make a tutorial video for your YouTube channel, or want to upload your gameplay or anything to engage your audience, then you must know how to capture a video of your device’s screen.

You may want to install a third-party application to record your display, but do you know that your device contains a hidden feature of screen recording? Yes, some OS indeed provide preinstalled screen recorders.

Recording Screen on Windows Devices

Yes, your Windows 10 indeed has its screen recorder.  It is a hidden feature on your Windows 10 PC. To get it, navigate to the Xbox app, which is a preinstalled app. To open it, hit the Start key and then search “Xbox.” Now hit the Start + G keys together on your keyboard.

There you can hit the Start recording button to start your screen recording to stop the recording, press Start + Alt + R keys together on your keyboard. The video will be automatically saved to your Videos folder, and the video will be in MP4 format.

You can also tweak its settings by simply logging into the Xbox app. There you have to go to “Game DVR” options. You will have options to change the settings according to your choice. The Settings doesn’t allow you to customize the output/saved recordings folder.  However, you will be able to choose the video quality, enable/disable audio recordings, or set a limit for video length.

 Sadly, not every Windows 10 device supports this feature because your PC must have a video card to record screen. The video card should support one of the below encoders:

  1. Nvidia NVENC
  2. AMD VCE
  3. Intel Quick Sync H.260

If your Windows PC does not have one of these video cards, then you might be unable to use this feature. You can go for other third party screen recorders for Windows.

Recording Screen on a Mac

If you have a Mac, then there is a built in app for this purpose. The app is QuickTime Player and you can use it to record your Mac screen. You only need to open this app, and further process is straightforward. 

If your Mac has macOS Mojave, then the recording process is even more straightforward. You only need to hit the “Shift+ ⌘ + 5” keys together on your keyboard, and the screen recording interface will appear on your device just after pressing those keys. The interface will have all controls that are needed to record your device screen.

Recording Screen on iOS Devices

Screen recording is one of the best features of the iPhone and iPad. No need to install any additional app to record the screen of your device.

  1. Head to the “Settings” then go to “Control Center,” and after that, go to “Customize controls.”
  2. Once you get there, find the “Screen Recording” option and then press the “Plus” button located next to it.  
  3. Now the feature is enabled and you can access it anytime by dragging your finger down to upward direction on your iOS device screen.
  4. If you own an iPhone X or newer, or any device which has iOS 12 or later, then you will have to swipe up and down on your device screen to access the screen recorder.
  5. Then you will see a Recording button, tap or hold it for a while to get recording controls.
  6. Now hit the “Start Recording” button and then your device will count to 3 and then screen recording will start automatically.
  7. Go to your Control Center and then hit the stop button. After that press the “Stop” button.
  8. Your recording will be saved to your storage, and you can easily access it from your Photos app.

Recording Screen of Your Android Device

Android Q will have built-in screen recording feature, but current Android versions don’t provide a built-in screen recorder as Apple devices do.

Android Q is not officially released yet, but if you have installed Android Q Beta on your device, then you can use its in-built screen recorder. See the below instructions to use the screen recorder on your Android Q phone:

  1. Head to settings and then navigate to ‘About phone.’
  2. Press seven times repeatedly on the “serial number” of your device.
  3. This will unlock the Developer Mode, which will give you access to some hidden features.
  4. Now go to the main settings page and then open “Developer options.”
  5. Head to “Feature flags” and then locate the flag labeled as “settings_screenrecord_long_press.” Toggle the switch located next to it and your screen recorder will be enabled.
  6. You can now use it any time by holding your power button and choosing start recording option.

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