How to Play YouTube on Your Google Home Mini

If you want to play YouTube on your Google Home smart speaker, then you have come to the right place. These days smart speakers are ruling the market, and their popularity is increasing. In most of the countries, people are using smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s premium HomePod. If you want to get the most out of your Google Home, then this article will help you in this regard.

One of the significant features offered by Google Home is its integration with other Google services such as YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps, and more. In this article, you are about to learn how Home Pod allows one to access YouTube in it. Let’s get started.

How to Listen to the Audio of YouTube Videos on Your Google Home?

We all know that Google Home Mini doesn’t carry a display so you won’t be able to watch YouTube on your speaker. However, you can listen to the audio of YouTube videos. Sometimes the audio of a video does the work, for example, listen to top headlines or your favorite music from YouTube.

If you think that you can cast your YouTube to your smart speaker within the YouTube app, then you are wrong. If you try to cast your phone’s YouTube to your Google Home, then you will have only disappointment.

If you want to know the right way to stream YouTube audio to your smart speaker, then follow the instructions given below:

  1. Go to Google Home app on your phone or tablet.
  2. On your dashboard, choose the speaker that you want to use to play YouTube.
  3. After that, navigate to the Settings button located on the top-right region of the app.
  4. Now scroll down and find “Paired Bluetooth Devices” option. Then click on it to pair your device to your smart speaker via Bluetooth.
  5. Just tap the “Enable Sharing Mode” option situated at the bottom of your display.
  6. Now the Bluetooth connectivity mode is enabled on your Google Home, and you can easily pair to it using the standard Bluetooth settings of your device. Your Google Home will act as a regular Bluetooth speaker. To connect to your Google Home via Bluetooth, visit the Settings app on your device.
  7. Then go to Bluetooth settings.
  8. After that, search for available devices and choose your Google Home from the list.
  9. Now your speaker is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Whatever you will play on your device, the audio will be played by your Google Home.
  10. Now go to YouTube and play videos and music of your choice.

Listen to your favorite YouTube videos on your Google Home or Google Mini smart speakers.

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