How to Move Emails to a New Folder in Gmail

You will not find the folder options in Gmail. But, you can create labels for organizing an email, which is the same as folders. You can also change the filters which help you to transfer emails from a particular email ID into a folder label. Do you want to move emails to a new folder in Gmail? Then, go through the instructions mentioned in this article.

How to use Gmail filters and labels?

  • Create labels to organize Gmail
  1. Firstly, you need to create labels to organize Gmail.
  2. To complete this procedure, you need to pull the scroll box on the left-hand corner of the Gmail option.
  3. It is located below the Create new label option.
  4. Press on the More option.
  5. This option helps you to enlarge the option.
  6. Press on the Create new label button.
  7. Now, you will get the new file label on the left-hand side of the Gmail option given under the Drafts option.
  • Change the Email Filter
  1. You need to change the filter which transfers emails from a particular email ID into a folder label.
  2. Go to the email given in your inbox by entering the email ID.
  3. You need to click on that email which you wish to include in the folder label.
  4. Press on the three-dot symbol.
  5. Choose the Filter messages option.
  6. It will launch the options given in the snapshot option.
  7. Press on the Create Filter option.
  8. Choose the Apply the label box.
  9. After that, press on the Choose label option.
  10. It is given on the pull-down list.
  11.  You need to choose a new folder label for Gmail emails.
  12. Then, choose the Also apply a filter to X matching conversations option.
  13. It will include all the emails with the registered email ID with the file label.
  14. Choose the Skip the Inbox option.
  15. Make sure that the emails are not appearing in the Gmail inbox.
  16. Rather than, all the messages from the email address will get save on the chosen folder label.
  17. After that, press on the Create filter option.
  18. Now, you will get the new folder label which contains all the emails from the email ID.
  19. You will get all the email on your Gmail account.
  20. Press on the folder label.
  21. It is located on the left-hand side of Gmail.
  22. It will launch the emails
  23. You can use folder labels to organize the emails from a particular email ID.
  24. You can easily get all the emails from particular senders after organizing it in the folders.

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