How to Link and Manage a LinkedIn Account with Twitter

LinkedIn is a networking site that is specially made for professionals and businesses. LinkedIn allows users to connect with businesses, groups, industries of their interest to find the right job or business opportunity.  Along with this, it also enables users to contact their co-workers. You can also connect your other account with LinkedIn, such as Twitter or Facebook. In this guide, you’ll learn about how to link and control a LinkedIn account with Twitter.

 How to link a Twitter account with your LinkedIn profile

1.   Open your LinkedIn account in a browser. Go to “” with your computer or mobile browser. Although, these steps are for computer’s browser, but may also work on your mobile browser with some variation.

2.   Sign in to your LinkedIn account through your email address and associated password.

3.   Now, click on your LinkedIn username near the upper right corner of the page.

4.   Then select ‘Privacy & Settings’. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Settings’ option to load the settings page directly.

5.   Select ‘Manage your Twitter settings’ from the Settings heading.

6.   Select ‘Add your Twitter account’ on the Manage your Twitter settings page.

7.   Now, you’ll be prompted to enter your Twitter account sign in details for verification.

8.   Enter your Twitter account sign in details and click ‘Allow’ to grant LinkedIn permission to access and link your account.

9.   Enable updating status from Twitter.

10. And select preferences for other features.

11. Click on ‘Save changes’ to add your Twitter account and save settings.

Your LinkedIn account has been successfully linked to your Twitter account. Now, you can update the status of your LinkedIn profile through the linked Twitter handle.

How to control your LinkedIn account with Twitter

Follow these steps to update your LinkedIn status with your Twitter handle.

1.   Go to “” and sign in with the same Twitter account you’ve linked to your LinkedIn profile.

2.   Now, click under the “What’s happening” field at the top of the page.

3.   And, type the status you want to update on your LinkedIn profile as a tweet.

4.   After you typing the status, add “#li” or “#in” at the end of it. Both will update your LinkedIn status, only use one, and make sure to enter it with the hashtag.

5.   Click the ‘Tweet’ button to share.

The Tweet and LinkedIn status will get posted.

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