Do you want to know if someone has read the direct message that you had sent them on Instagram? Well, it is easy to find it out. You can check if someone is ignoring your messages on Instagram. Let’s check out the complete process of finding if someone has read the Instagram direct messages.

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Steps for Using Instagram Direct Message

•    Go to the Instagram app.

•    Click on the sign-in option.

•    Choose the paper plane symbol.

•    It is located in the upper right-hand side of the application.

•    It will open the Instagram Direct menu.

•    Now, you will get a menu list of all the Instagram connections.

•    Click on the person to whom you wish to send the text.

•    Otherwise, click on the plus option.

•    It is located on the top right side of the screen.

•    You need to type the username of anyone you are not connected to.

•    Enter the message by going to the text field.

•    Click on the Send option.

Follow the additional method mentioned below to know the steps for using Instagram Direct Message:

•    Go to someone’s profile on Instagram.

•    Choose the Message option by going to the center of the display.

•    Enter the text in the checkbox, which is located at the end of the display.

•    Click on the Send option.

Steps to know if someone read your DM on Instagram

Here are the steps mentioned below to know if someone has read your DM on Instagram:

•    You don’t have to open the direct message.

•    Disable the Wi-Fi network.

•    Otherwise, disable the cellular data.

•    Turn on the phone into the Airplane mode.

•    Go to the message and start reading it.

If you want to send a read receipt, but you are not able to send it because there is no internet connection, then do the following:

•    Go to the profile webpage.

•    Otherwise, skip the conversation.

•    Sign out and after that, close the Instagram application.

•    Enable the Wi-Fi network.

•    Otherwise, enable the cellular data or turn on the phone into Airplane mode.

•    Go to the Instagram app in case you do not want to return to the conversation.

•    In case you do have an internet connection, then the application will display a read receipt.

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