Are you facing charging issues with your Samsung Galaxy S8? If yes, then you are not alone, many other users are experiencing the same issue in their S8 phones. This issue can be solved with simple steps such as closing all apps that are running in the background. The problem can also be a result of a faulty charger or USB cable. Let’s check out the ways to fix the slow charging issue.

Solved: Samsung Galaxy S8 is Charging Insanely Slow!

Inspecting the USB Cable

The most common reason for slow charging of your Galaxy S8 is a faulty USB wire. So the first thing that you should try is to replace the USB cable. Try another USB cable and wait for at least 15 minutes, if there is any sign of improvement in speed, then the issue is your USB cable. Now carefully check the cable from its both ends. While inspecting the cable check for any cracks and cuts.

Reboot into the Safe Mode

Even after replacing the USB cable if the problem still persists, then you have to restart your phone into the Safe Mode. Starting a device in the safe mode will temporarily block all of your third-party apps. In the safe mode if the charging speed gets normal, then it means that a third-party app is causing the issue.

So, let’s learn how to reboot into safe mode in Samsung Galaxy S8:

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Now long-press the power key to turn on your device again.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears on display, release the power button.
  4. Just after releasing the Power button, immediately long-press the volume down button.
  5. Don’t release the key until you see your phone has completely turned on.
  6. Now you can see the safe mode logo in the bottom left side of your phone display.
  7. Now you can leave the volume down key after seeing that safe mode is enabled.

Now put your device into the charging and then check if the speed has improved.

Clear background Apps on Your Device

Clearing Background apps can free your RAM and processor, which will result in less power consumption, and you will end up with enhanced charging speed. It is pretty simple to do that. Follow the guide below to close your apps:

  1. You should press and hold the Home key for a while until you see a list of apps that are running in the background. Basically, these are those apps which you have just used a few hours and days ago before.
  2. To clear them up to press “End all applications” option by navigating to the task manager tab.

It is good to clear to all apps at least once a day, especially before plugging your device to the charger.

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