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Global Business Jet Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast 2021-2027

How To Fix Buffering Issue On Kodi

Kodi is amongst the best platforms to stream movies and TV shows around the world.  The platform provides quality content for streaming. Kodi is the platform with minimal complexity and has a very easy to use interface. Majority of movies and TV shows enthusiasts prefer Kodi over other platforms. Despite its several amazing features and quality content, Kodi sometimes troubles users with buffering issues. Imagine you are in the middle of streaming your favorite TV show and it starts buffering. Several reasons cause buffering issues, and here’s the guide on how to fix them.

Check Internet connection

Most of the time, Kodi causes buffering issues while streaming content due to an unstable Internet connection. It makes complete sense that such platforms work on strong and stable Internet connections, and it is essential to have an Internet connection with the fine strength of the network. You need to check your Internet connection by doing online speed tests. If the speed is low of your current network, try connecting Kodi with another internet connection if available. Check the internet and power cables to see if they are properly connected or not. And last but not the least,  try to power cycle the whole setup by turning off all the devices, including Kodi, unplug all the connections and re-plug them after some time.

Check Cache On Kodi

Like apps and browsers stop working because of corrupt cache, the same goes with Kodi. Kodi contains cache and chances are those corrupt caches are causing the buffering issue on your Kodi. Removing cache from Kodi prevents buffering issue. Cache often corrupts files and folders which results in slowing down of the device and malware attacks on the system. Keeping cache for too long causes such issues and must be removed from time to time.

Check Servers

Servers not working can be a reason if you are facing buffering issue streaming video with Kodi. You need to check if servers are working properly or not. Corrupt servers often cause such buffering issues in content streaming. There are chances you do not have strong servers if you are using third party services. Talk to users with similar connection and if they are facing the same issues. If servers are having an issue, then there’s nothing you can do except trying after some time. You need to replace your Internet connection if the servers often cause such issues.

Update Add-ons

Kodi comes with amazing add-ons as users already know, and they need to be up-to-date to work properly. Add-ons help users use the platform more efficiently with zero inconveniences. There often comes a new version of your Kodi add-ons which you need to download. Outdated add-ons often cause buffering issues on Kodi. And if everything else is checked and in its place, then the possibility is you have outdated add-ons on Kodi. If that’s the case, you must check each add-on by yourself and download its update with a stable Internet connection. After updating every add-on, the buffering issue on Kodi will go away in no time.

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