How to Fix Apple Mail and BT Internet “Won’t Send Emails”

For many users, the BT internet router, which helps them to share email through the Apple Mail, suddenly stop working correctly on their Mac. Many users are facing this issue and they can be fixed this issue by following the instructions mentioned below.
Here’s how to fix Apple Mail and BT internet “Won’t Send Emails” error
Identify the DNS on your Mac
If you want to search for the DNS on your Mac, then follow the steps mentioned below:
Press on the Apple symbol.
It is located at the upper side of the box.
Go to the System Preferences option.
Go to the Network.
Choose if you will get the wireless or Ethernet option.
Press on the Advanced option.
Click on the DNS option.
Press on the button for adding all the DNS servers.
Start adding the two servers.
Changing the hostname on your Wifi router
To fix the issue, try tweaking the router’s hostname. You can change the name of the host by using the Wifi router. You just need to launch
the Safari browsing application for this procedure.
Go to the Safari browser.
Enter the Wifi router IP address in the location bar:
Press on the Settings tab.
Type the password.
Click on the Advanced settings tab.
Click on the Business Network or Home Network option.
Now, you will get the menu list of all the systems which you have paired to the Wifi router.
In case you are not able to find yours, then unpair all the devices with which you are paired.
Press on it and provide it a new title.
Change the Mac name
Changing the device name might fix the issue. Do you want to know how you can change the name of the Mac? Then the steps which are mentioned below.
Go to the Terminal
It is located on the Finder application.
Click on the Applications option.
After that, press on the Utilities option.
Enter the given command: scutil –set HostName NEW HOSTNAME.
Press on the Apple symbol.
After that, click on the System Preferences option.
Launch in case you are not able to share, press on the Show All option.
It is located on the upper side of the screen.
Press on the Edit option.
Change the Local Hostname to the old Mac name.
Start rebooting the Mac.
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