How To Fix Android GPS or Location Problems

In this day and age where every device has the option of Global Positioning System (GPS), it is likely for you to run into problems regarding your device’s GPS. The reason can be anything from a poor network, bad connection or it could simply be because of a low-end device. So here are some ways to help you fix your GPS so that you can find your way around the streets quickly.

Step 1 – Check Your Location

The first step is to check the location you are trying to get GPS from. You should try to be directly under the sky for the app to work effectively. Just go to the roof or an open road for a better experience.

The Google Map app allows you to know how good your device’s GPS connection is.

  • If the app is showing a grey dot, then it means your location is not accessible by the device.
  • If the app is pinpointing your location, then there would be a light blue circle around your location.


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Step 2- Select High Accuracy Mode

Your device’s GPS settings should be on high accuracy mode to allow a better connection.

  • Go to the settings tab.
  • Search under the option settings and privacy.
  • Select location.
  • Now select high accuracy mode.

This step will allow the device to pinpoint your location more effectively. Select low accuracy mode afterward to conserve the device’s battery.

Step 3- Use a Compass app

If your device does not have a compass app already, then install it from Google Play Store.

  • Open the app and rotate your device vertically three times. Do this slowly.
  • Then spin your device from front to back vertically.
  • Finally, flip the device horizontally three times consecutively.

Step 4- Make Sure There Is No Interference Around the Device

If anything is interfering with your device, then the GPS would not be able to work efficiently. Make sure that there are no metal objects that are blocking your device from acquiring the needed networks. Your device should be able to detect satellites, so open the app and tap satellites. If there is no result, then you would know that there is something that is hindering the device’s connection. If there are satellites detected, then your GPS is working; however, there is some defect in the app that you are using.

You can consider reinstalling the app or install a new one.

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