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Global Business Jet Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast 2021-2027

How to Fix 5 Most Common Network Security Threats

The threats of your personal information getting breached have grown immensely in recent years as even several MNCs got ransomware installed on their systems. Several organizations face network security-related problems without their own realization. When these issues remained unresolved, they make openings and vulnerabilities for breachers to attack an organization’s security. This can result in sensitive information getting stolen.


The issues are far too much to be covered in a single post, so here we will cover 5 of the most commonly faced network security issues anyone can face.

Issue 1: Unidentified Property on the Network

Majority of the businesses do not keep a complete record of their IT assets that are bound with their network.  This is a huge issue. If the business does not know what assets are on their network, then how can they be sure that their network security is safe?

The simplest solution for this is to review all the attachments present on your network, and recognize the different platforms they perform on. You can figure out all the separate access points available on your network and which one of them needs security updates as soon as possible.

Issue 2: User Account Benefits Abused

In 2016, Harvard Business Review stated that 60% of such attacks are carried out by someone from the inside. It could be an honest mistake, as to send information on the wrong email address or to lose a device used at work. It could be an intentional leak or abuse of a user account. The issues that arise from such dealings compromise your network’s security the most.

Because these issues arise from within the organization, they are the hardest to catch and stop but here are ways for you to minimize the threat. Your company can adopt the least privilege policy that keeps the employees access privileges to the minimum. The users will only be able to access the areas and locations which are needed for the jobs and nothing more.

Issue 3: Unsecured Security Weaknesses

The businesses usually get concerned with exploits known as Zero Day. These are the exploits which are still unknown to the users; however, zero-days are not the real problem. The real problem is known unresolved vulnerabilities.

Zero-days take time for an individual to find out, so the attackers mostly stick with unresolved known weaknesses. In a report by CSO, it was found that only 54 attacks from 6300 were zero days. All the other attacks came from known issues.

The best way out of it is to manage a strict schedule for security fixes. Also, the enterprise should patch the issue as soon as it is identified.

Issue 4: Inadequate Management in IT Security

It is another common issue among enterprises. They do not get an apt amount of people in IT security management. So even if the issues are getting identifies, they still would not be able to fix them in time to stop a breach.

The only solution to the problem is to maintain a qualified security management team, with adequate people to fulfill the job.

Issue 5: Low Depth in Defenses

There will be days when no matter your efforts the attacker will breach in. But how much damage they are able to do is up to you.

The business should try to keep a secure segmentation to keep the parts separate discreetly. So even if the attacker gets through one security, they would not be able to get much of the vital information.

Keep the patches fixed, and the system organized so that your sensitive information stays safe and within your knowledge.

Lily Johnsol is a McAfee product expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Emma has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as



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