Many of the Windows users complain about the occurrence of an error which shows file not playable. This error may occur every time you update the Windows on your laptop or computer. The error does not appear specifically on Windows 10 but is also encountered on Windows 7 version. In most of the reported cases, the error ‘0xc00d36e5’ occurs in video files. There are several reasons responsible for this issue. Here in this article, we will discuss the causes of its occurrence and methods to prevent it.


Using Third-Party Equivalent To Open The File

Using a third party equivalent is one of the most basic and common reasons for file not playable error occurrence. Sometimes, third party equivalents interrupt file format, which results in such errors. The Windows Media Player you are using supports a very limited format list of video files. So first of all, keep in mind to check the file format you want to open and see if it’s supported with Windows Media Player or not. Several video file’s formats such as MOV are not playable on your Windows system because the media player you have does not support such formats of video files. In this case, it’s best to install another media player which supports the files not playable on your Windows system.

Repairing System Files Corruption

It is another big factor that prevents you from playing the files on your Windows system. Virus attacks and system crashes often result in crashed and corrupted files located on the storage section of your PC. There are chances that the files got crashed and corrupted and you are facing the not playable error. To resolve the issue;

1.    Press Windows Key + R to open up the Run Dialog box.

2.    Type ‘cmd’ in the bar available and Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open up Command Prompt.

3.    After successfully opening up the Command Prompt, click on ‘yes’ to grant admin access.

4.    Type ‘sfc/scannow in the CMD window and press enter to run an SFC scan.

5.    After completing the procedure, type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth and press enter to finish the process.

6.    Restart the system after successfully applying the method, and the issue will be resolved.

Check Hardware

Checking Hardware damage or connectivity with the system is basically among the first steps you should take to resolve such issues. There are chances that the hardware connectivity with the system is not appropriate. Check if the hardware of your laptop or PC is properly connected or not and if they are damaged. Sometimes, the not playable issue occurs due to a bad USB connectivity cable or by a faulty USB stick you are using.

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