How to Find Autosave Word Files in Windows 10

Did you forget to save a document before shutting down your computer? If you are one of them, then don’t worry you can go through this article to know the steps to find auto saved Word files in Windows 10 PC. You can complete this procedure by using Word settings, recover unsaved documents, document directory, WBK, and ASD.

Here’s how to find autosave Word files in Windows 10

  • Go to the Word settings
  1. Click on the Microsoft Word.
  2. Press on the file option.
  3. Click on the Options button.
  4. Click on the Save column.
  5. You should check the Save AutoRecover information.
  6. You can change the time for the autosave as per your wish.
  7. Find the AutoRecover option.
  8. You will get the autosave directory location.
  9. The Location like be: C:UsersYour_usernameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWord.
  10. In case you wish to, then adjust the location by pressing on the Browse option
  11. Select any other directory option on the computer.
  12.  Once you have to find the Word autosave location on the computer, you have to launch the Microsoft Word,
  13. Go to the directory,
  14. Find the file which gets saved automatically.
  15. After that, launch it in the Microsoft Word.
  • Using recover unsaved documents option
  1. Click on the Microsoft Word.
  2. Click on the File option.
  3. Select the Recent option.
  4. After that, click on the Recover Unsaved Documents option.
  5. Now, you will get the Autosave location file on the screen.
  6. You can select the document which you wish to restore on the system.
  7. Click on the File tab.
  8. Click on the Info option.
  9. Click on the Manage versions option.
  10. Press on the Recover Unsaved Documents option.
  • Go through the document directory for Word autosave file
  1. Press on the Word option
  2. Press on the File option.
  3. Click on the Open option.
  4. Press on the Browse option.
  5. Now you will find the backup name.
  6. Go to the file.
  7. After start saving the file.
  • Find the computer for wbk or .asd
  1. Click on the File Explorer menu.
  2. Click on the Windows and E keys together.
  3. Once you have opened the File Explorer menu.
  4. Click on the text field.
  5. It is located on the wbk or asd.
  6. Click on the Enter option.
  7. In case you have got any file, you need to right-click on the file.
  8. Select the Open file location option.
  9. It will open the Word autosave folder.
  10. Now, you will get the menu list of all the saved files.

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