How to Enable Alexa Song ID Feature in UK and US

Amazon has recently released Song ID in the UK. This useful feature enables people to find out which song is playing.

The new Alexa feature is presently available only to those living in the US and UK. The voice assistant can now tell the users the name of the song and artist before the track plays. This will help you locate and identify newly released tracks.

In order to listen to songs with Alexa, you have to make specific requests. For instance, you have to say, “Alexa, play You Were Mine by Dixie Chicks.” Issues begin to surface when the smart assistant automatically plays the following track. In case you are not familiar with the music, then you have to ask Alexa about it.

The newly added feature will resolve these problems. Now you will not have to ask Alexa about the song that gets played automatically after the one you requested.

What is Alexa’s Song ID about?

When you turn on the new feature, the voice assistance shall speak out the song and artist name before the song plays. If you love asking Alexa to play a certain song and then enjoy the other songs that get played, then you will love this feature. However, you can use the Song ID feature only with two services: Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

It is speculated that the company has data which shows that the users frequently ask Amazon Alexa which song is currently playing. With this feature, they will not have to ask it anymore.

How to turn on the Song ID feature?

In case you have a subscription for either Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime Music or both, then you just have to ask the voice assistant to enable Song ID. Alexa will now confirm it. After that, it will start announcing the title track name and artists name before playing songs.

How to turn the feature off?

In case you wish to disable the Song ID feature, then you can just ask Alexa to do so. For instance, you need to say, “Alexa, disable Song ID.” The feature will now get disabled.

This feature is completely optional and is not of much use if your Echo device has a screen. Hence, if you own an Echo Show or Echo Dot, then you can simply view the display to check the name of the song and artist.

Amazon has not yet revealed when it plans to roll out the feature in other countries. But those who are either in the US or UK can use the feature, provided they have an Amazon Echo device and Amazon Music subscription. The feature is available for all Amazon Echo Devices.  This will enable you to know which song is going to play. Thus you do not have to ask Alexa to tell you the song name while the song is playing.

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