How to Create and Delete Stations from Pandora Music App?

Want to enhance your music experience on Pandora Music app? Just create stations. Pandora allows the users to create up to 100 new stations to enjoy music in their own way. Along with creating stations, you can customize as well as remove them when you don't need. A station makes accessing and playing music more comfortable. If you also want to make your stations on Pandora but do not know how then this article is surely going to help you. Here is how to create and delete stations from Pandora Music app.

Instructions to create a Pandora station

Note: Pandora is only accessible in the US, and you must have a newer version of the operating system to run it in your device. If you don't have a Pandora app on your device, then visit your device application store and download the app.

  1. Launch the 'Pandora' app.
  2. Touch on 'Log In' option on the welcome screen to open your account.
  3. If you're already accessing your account, then you may see a station on your screen. Touch on 'Back Arrow' button at the top to return to the home screen.
  4. Now, touch on 'My Stations' at the top center of the screen. This will reveal the Create Station button, and also display the stations you've added to favorites.
  5. Touch on 'Create Station' button.
  6. Now, select the artists, genres, or composers whose tracks you want to add to your stations. Enter the name of the track, artist, or genre in the top field and touch on 'Search' to find the music.
  7. Scroll through your search result and touch on the track or artist you want to select the music from your station.
  8. Start playing music and touch on the 'Thumbs Up' icon at the bottom center of the screen. Doing so like that song or artist and include the more similar songs in the queue.
  9. If you find a song or artist you want listens less from, then touch on the 'Thumbs Down' button. Doing so dislikes the song or artist and remove such similar tracks from the queue.
  10. If you want to know more about a song or artist, such as lyrics, album, about the artist, or feature of that track, then touch on the 'Upward facing arrow' above the track duration showing bar.
  11. Touch on 'More' icon to create a station related to that song or artist.
  12. Now, touch on 'Back Arrow' button at the top to return to the home screen.
  13. Touch on 'My Stations' at the top center of the screen to access your created stations or create more new stations.

You can now play the type of song you want to listen to by selecting the Station for it. You can create up to 100 stations of different artists and kind of songs.

Instructions to delete a Pandora station

If you like to create and listen to music from stations, then certainly you have created a list of the station. There are also some stations that you can no longer play and want to remove from "My Stations." Here is how to delete stations you want to get rid of.

  1. Launch the 'Pandora' app, if closed.
  2. Go to the home screen, and touch on 'My Stations' tab at the top.
  3. Scroll and find the station you want to remove.
  4. Touch the station when you find it. Doing so start playing the music from the station.
  5. Now, touch on 'Back Arrow' button at the top to return to your Stations list.
  6. Touch on 'More' button of that station that you don't need anymore.
  7. Select 'Delete station' from the options.

The selected station will be removed from MY STATIONS as well as from the Pandora account. Now, create a new station and enjoy listening to the music you like.

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