How to Connect to Wi-Fi without Password

It is not good to use someone else’s Wi-Fi network without their permission. Ensure that you have taken permission from the Wi-Fi network owner before you use their network. If you want to know how you can connect to a Wi-Fi network without password, then follow the instructions mentioned below. You can use WPS, Router Guest mode, and QR code to complete this procedure.


Steps to Connect to Wi-Fi without Password Through WPS

•    Open the Settings tab.

•    It is located on the Home Screen.

•    Go to the network.

•    Click on the internet settings column.

•    Click on the Wi-Fi option.

•    Click on the Wi-Fi settings option.

•    Otherwise, click on the menu list.

•    Click on the Advanced option

•    Click on the “Connect by WPS Button” option.

•    Now, you will get the option where you have to click on the WPS option on your WiFi router.

•    Wait for 30 seconds.

•    For this procedure, you need to turn on the WPS handshake protocol.

•    You have to follow these steps again.

•    Click on the WPS option, which is named as “WPS.”

•    Now, the smartphone automatically gets connected to the Wi-Fi network.

•    You need to go through this step again till you ask your smartphone to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network.

Steps to Connect to Wi-Fi without Password Through Router Guest Mode

•    Go to the system internet browser.

•    Start pasting the router IP address into the location bar.

•    For example, the IP address is the same as or

•    You will get the IP address on the Wi-Fi router.

•    Start using the username and password to sign into the Wi-Fi router.

•    After signing in,  you need to find the “Guest Network” option.

•    You will get it in the Wireless Settings column.

•    Search and turn on the “Guest Network” option.

•    After that, provide the guest network name.

•    Enter the password.

•    Press on the Save option to verify the settings tab.

•    Start creating the Wi-Fi network.

Steps to Connect to Wi-Fi without Password Through OR Code

•    Open the internet browser on any other system.

•    Click on the QR code generator.

•    Now, you will get the data type menu.

•    It is located on the left-hand corner of the display.

•    Press on the radio option.

•    It is near to the Wi-Fi Login option.

•    Then, type the name of the network.

•    Type the password.

•    Choose the network type by going to the pull-down list.

•    After getting the QR code, start printing it on an empty area of the sheet.

•    Open the QR code scanning application on the smartphone.

•    In case you do not have this type of application, download and install any app by going to the Google Play Store.

•    Start scanning the code with the smartphone.

•    It will automatically get paired to the Wi-Fi network.

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